How scammers on Facebook are using your friends' identities

Scams cost Americans roughly $50 billion a year. While the most frequently reported scams happen by phone, more than half of victims say they were contacted …


  1. someone is pretending to be my mom on Facebook and they keep making accounts and putting my mom’s profile pic. and they are asking my mom’s friends for money and stuff and their identification. I’m scared bc they also know sum personal info about someone..

  2. There’s still a Facebook scam her name is Vanessa smith Ramos robbed my friend for 300 n want 200 more n in google play cards please catch them my friend has kids n is really hurting for money

  3. Some days back I fell into the trap of a scammer and I lost $9400,that had me frustrated then I told a colleague at work and she told me she was also scammed $15000 but got it back with the help of hacksting on IG with just a little fee. She gave me his phone number and I messaged him on WhatsApp, he asked me a few questions and also proof of scam then after 24hrs he got my money recovered and the scammer tracked.Thanks to hacksting

  4. i got scammed on iG for 12500 dollars it was really painful i wanted revenge and my money refunded so i got to meet hackbeign on insta he helped hack there account and also tracked them they where so scared they refunded my money. try him out here is his mail or hackbeign on insta. thank me later

  5. There is another scam going on they have hit me but of course I wanted to do searches first that's when I seen all these so everybody be aware she goes by cindy on Facebook messenger

  6. This happened to me but what I did I asked personal questions that on the Facebook contact would only know and they could not answer then try to get me afraid that they have my info and they would run me through to the IRS if I don't pay the money, I also contacted my friend and she said it was not her. I called them out on Facebook of who they are and what they we're doing to people

  7. Ha! This happened to me, but fortunately for me, her daughter is my friend and she happens to be a financial crimes detective at LAPD. She told me it’s a scam.

  8. It is NOT just America!! I am in Scotland UK a d have been scammed twice and also had another 7 who tried to scam me!! So it is world wide and the biggest scammers are young boys from Nigeria all posing with white guys pictures!!

  9. They tried to do this with my grandmother
    But she had a bunch of people added who she didn't know ( 1k ) no one fell for it also it was a bit different she kept her actually account be they made a account under her name and profile pic and such

  10. This is exactly what happened to me. When I tried calling the friend, I received a message back saying she was out of town. I messaged and she confirmed it was legit.
    This scammer said he was from an Agent- BILL BRENT OF IFC INTERNATIONAL Financial CORPORATION-oversees World Banking.
    I was contacted Right after I sent out my Equifax breaching Claim. He said my name was on the list, claiming they owed me $150,000. To validate and receive the money, I needed to pay $2500- attorney security fees. I lost $3000.00.
    I was to send via Western Union and the check would be delivered by FEDEX. When it didn't come on the day and time they said, I contacted Brent. No answer. He messaged me and I was corrected for calling the number. He would send the check UPS and I was to deposit the checks to my account. That's when I was made aware of it being a scam. He somehow was controlling my phone. Because I had passwords saved in my GOOGLE, he accessed my bank accounts. The UPS delivery was placed in my mailbox. The bank verified it was a fake UPS sticker on the envelope and was never shipped via UPS or any mail. It was placed in my mailbox. That made me feel a bit insecure that they were aware of my location.
    I had to close my bank accounts- one being my son's SSI account. And I was hit with a fee for fake checks. Both being deposited already before UPS delivered the checks to me.

  11. This happened to me… But I was able to contact the person that that was trying to get my money. They wanted me to send 400.00 thru Money Gram. It already 10pm. I contacted my friend… She was in church so I knew it was fake! The CRAZY PART IS…THEY'VE BEEN THRU YOUR ACCOUNT AND KNOWS PERSONAL INFO!!!! CHANGE YOUR PASSWORD IMMEDIATELY!!!

  12. eeee help i got suspicious when one of my friends on messenger said i was in a video and naturally being a high school student i was like uhhh drama? like nope, i click the link she sent me and it brings me to sign in, i had second thoughts and didn’t sign in realised what i did and quickly blocked her and reported the conversation, am i still going to get my info leaked ???

  13. The most updated scam is that they make a mirror account of someone on your friend's list that you've had recent interaction with and then you accept the friend request thinking that person got hacked or whatever reason, and started a new profile. Then they suddenly PM you and make a little small talk, then outta nowhere they drop their little spiel. The funny thing is, the guy on my friend's list they chose to scam me with, I don't talk to him that much and I'm not that close to him so I knew something was up from the get go.

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