1. one person on Facebook has imported an btc address and said that he connected me to a mining network and I am now receiving daily mails that I have received btc but in my wallet I am receiving the non-spendable. Daily I am receiving 100 mails as I received btc. Please answer anyone for this doubt.

  2. Here in UK the scammers do events in hotels selling small cryptos, I lost £350 on Trade Coin Club then in 2018 its value fell to nothing when the coins were sold out. Those same people promoting it are now promoting Igniter100 and Bizztrade these promise investments but its all a BIG SCAM

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  6. Good pvtorskoe video. However, not convinced. Today, do your business using old technology. Of course there is no, there are modern tools for mining, organizing personal business. I just admire the work. Only Prizm. Rapidly developing crypta

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