How to Buy Bitcoin Cheap and Best in India – WazirX Exchange Tutorial in Tamil – CryptoTamil

In this video, I have explained how to buy Bitcoin and other altcoins best and cheap in India. This is a continuation of my previous video which compared various …


  1. Excellent! Bro very useful learning video for beginners like me. Thank you so much bro. Binance polave night mode WazirX la iruntha eye strain illama trade pannalam. Konjam sollunga bro pls.

  2. Hello bro ,
    I've banned from the discussion grp and apology for that and explained the reason too which I've already mentioned in some video and u too replied and asked my telegram ID I too glgave but u don't add me and I too can't with the link so kindly pls add me bro ,
    My telegram ID – Praveen4699 or @Praveen4699 ,
    I don't know @ already mentioned or need to I don't mention @

  3. Bro…u saying Buy and Sell crypto in "Wazirx" then why "Binance" is mentioned in the video..?
    because we are trading all cryto in Wazirx only na- then why we need Binance?

  4. Nice content. WazirX is nice for trading but I've always been an advocate of decentralized system and that's why I prefer to buy, manage, swap and stake crypto on Also, I have my wallet connected to Binance Dex for trading purpose.

  5. WazirX, binance la transfer panni alcoins vaangalam vaangalam nu mattum dhaan sollringa , binance la irundhu wazirX ku transfer panni inr ah eppdi veliya edukkuradhu and adhukku evlo aagum nu solla maatinringa

  6. Bro naan edhukku bro binance ku maathanum matha Wallet laye trading pannikalam la bro … Edhukku binance kondu poi adhukku appram btc maathi adhukku appram inr ah maathi withdraw pannanum? Any special useage?

  7. Bro im very new for crypto … Btc la inverse pannalam nu irukken , enna wallet app best nu sollunga bro … Trading fees kammiya irukka maari … And app ui friendly ah irukka maari sollunga bro … 😊

  8. Bro. INR deposit pani.. btc vangi atha nama coinbase , blockchain, trust wallet (btc address vachu) intha mathiri wallet ku change pana mudiyuma ….
    Ila trade pana matum than use pana mudiuma… Explain plz…

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