How To Deal With Financial Losses ( Stocks, Bitcoin, Cryptocurrency, Trading, Business, Forex)

How to deal with losses that occur with investments or business whether it’s trading stocks, Crpyotcurrency, bitcoin or even starting a business. Instagram …


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  2. agree my bro. i had 5k when i cashed out one of my cyptos and i have it waiting until BTC hits 3k then am all in again. and i will continue to cash out and re-enter at pullsbacks on the way up because 1. i believe in cypto and 2. i am aiming for that 50/100k mark were i can then really go balls to the wall and start to invest in forex, stocks etc etc

  3. Hi Zed. just in case you missed it, I asked some questions on the video before this one. your response would be greatly apreciated. I've started watching your older videos, btw, maybe I'll find some answers there

  4. essalamo alaikom dear brother zed, good friday dear zed, with alot of happiness, success,and much love may allah protected you from all evils and bless you, love you so much brother

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