How To Demo Trade on Tradingview

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  1. Hello.

    Can you place multiple on-chart profit and loss lines?

    In other words, I don't want to sell short 4,000 shares initially; I want to sell 2,000 shares initially, then have another line to sell another 2,000 shares at another price level.

    Also, I don't want to have just one level for my stop out, can I do the same thing?


  2. I am trying to practice how to trade a small account of $200 because that's realistically how much I am comfortable risking when I don't have any previous experience with trading real money. So until I see some positive results I am going to practise with paper money. My problem is when i want to place a buy or sell order using paper money I am very confused on what tab to look at. The information tab for buy/sell orders wants me to type in the quantity of orders.

    If I type quantity = 20 the pip value is $0.002 and the trade value is $20
    If i type quantity = 200 000 the pip value is $20 and the trade value is more than $250 000
    I want to risk $20 of my $200 paper money account. Which one is the right one?

  3. Really helpful video thank you very much! I tried it after watching this and noticed that the 'realised P/L' don't take additional trade costs like spread cost into account? Am I missing something or is that is true due to it being just a simple paper trading?

  4. Im sorry but im struggling just to set up my account. Can anyone help me find the trade panel on the app to connect to a broker???? Or do i need to be online like at a computer for this??? Its been like 7 days and i cant find the trade panel.

  5. I'm using trading view on paper money. Just signing up on blueberry broker for Aussie (sydney for me) as I heard they're a good broker for Aussies – How can I continue to use blueberry as broker and trade on tradingview?

  6. How do you hedge on Tradingview? When I program a strategy to long and short, they seem to interfere with each other or cancel each other out. I want to be able to long and short using only 5% of my funds and be in several trades while others are being executed and closed, without any trades interfering with each other. Anyone know how to do this?

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