1. hello. this is a question. i was using a TREZOR hardware wallet. I found a hole in its security, so, i downloaded this (bitcoin core wallet). it is supposed to download the whole ten years of blocks. it is taking forever. it did the first 9 years, but for the last year, it keeps extending time telling me three weeks left to synch. this is SH… if something goes wrong with this CR… first i lose all the coins i mined and sent to its address… and … if i want to stick with it, another MONTH to download the block. this is NONSENSE. which kind of programmers are these CORE PROGRAMMERS? they are supposed to be very clever. if this nonsense is the result of their cleverness, then i start doubting about their cleverness. so… question… any other WALLET that is secure, and does not need to download the whole ten years of blocks? thanks.

  2. How to find out not public address of my wallet? And is it importantly to know this address, if you use always public addresses for transactions? I thought after installing Bitcoin Core I get an instant wallet's address …

  3. Correct me if I am wrong: So since I dont know Wladimir J. personally, and I am unable to do this circle of trust (you said "lets say we did that"), does that mean that this whole verification process is useless ?

  4. Nice video rex. I just have a question is it possible to duplicate a file of bitcoins incase. From bitcoin core to bitcoin core? Sorry im new here. Thanks

  5. O Awesome – awesome 0. I'm old but new to programming. Always liked cryptography but how could I justify money-time exploring. Finally saw Bitcoin for what it is and committed. Much help. super quality TY!

  6. Thanks…so I can't put bitcoin in my I phone bitcoin app without Core address and can't get core address without a cray quantum computer…ok thanks

    Must weed out the undesirables

  7. Thanks for your tips! I hear all the time that you are not supposed to store your cryptos with Coinbase but in your hardwallet. I have installed BitcoinCore and it is working fine. Since the fork I now have both BitCoins and BitCoin Cash. The burning question is "How do I get them transferred from Coinbase to my harddrive ?"

  8. Hello sir. You video was quite clear and educational. I loved it… Question: I run a bitcoin-wallet-providing website that uses the Block.io API to generate public keys for clients, but I need to know if bitcoin core could be a replacement for Block.io, and how to go about it?

  9. Ok, i got it to work. It has to be in the same directory that you "shift + click" powershell to. Stupidly easy, you just wouldn't think about it. Moment of clarity. But what i don't get, is that you seem to be on D: drive all the time. When i first installed it to C: drive, i had no access to it from D: drive folder where my other stuff was. You seem to get there easily.

  10. Ok, i'm getting the error too, but i'm guessing it is because i installed gpg to default location (C: drive) and my keys are on the other drive. I have no clue how to get it working tho.

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