How to Fund Your TradersWay Trading Account with BITCOIN using CASH APP!! (Beginners Tutorial)

In this tutorial, I explain how to deposit your funds into a TradersWay Forex Trading Account using Bitcoin via Cash App!! It’s safe, affordable, and FAST!


  1. Thanks a lot for the help! Question. My deposit had my traders way address (just copied and pasted into bitcoin withdrawal) but didn’t say “withdrawal to traders way is being processed and will take 30-1hr) is there something wrong that I didn’t get that same message that you got? This was my first time doing this .

  2. Wow I may actually start using TradersWay again because of this. I used to transfer lite coins through gdax but it was super freaking annoying half the time

  3. Came across this video after I've been verified and all 🙄😁. What super neat thing is you can use your cash app card as a debit card 👐🏾!

  4. Hey did anyone else have trouble with the picture ID verification portion on Cash app with bit coin "enable deposits and withdrawals" please help. It won't scan the back of my id

  5. I like the speed of cash app but the combination of transferring the cash from my banking accounting, buying the bitcoin and transferring the bitcoin to my broker amounted to 5% in overall fees. But, like I said, it beats having to wait three days for Coinbase to release my coins.

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