1. Hello and good afternoon Jason. I am having a difficult time finding a cryptocurrency platform, in addition not sure which one to invest in. I was introduced into Bitcoin for the money, though I lost it. Sense than I have developed a drive to learn about bitcoin, and what bitcoin crypton platform currency to invest in in addition learn as I go along.. Do you have any suggestions of which crptocurrency to invest in?

  2. dude, before i tried to watch a video from a kid and he was incredible annoying, now you talk like someone is chasing you
    youtube videos should be a pretty good source of info, that means prepare yourself; you are annoying like the last one

  3. Hey guys i am a newbie to bitcoins I have downloaded bitcoin core and i am out of sync by 3 years 🙁 how do i speed the process because i cant find my bitcoin address due to it? appreciate if anyone gets back to me 

  4. The downside of Bitcoin QT is the sync! It takes hours and hours, and once synced if you don't use it for a day or two, it's another 20 minutes to update!!
    Mind blowing and certainly NOT the future of money

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  7. Good video man I appreciate you uploading it, You did a great job on commentary, Spoke clear and understandable and explained what you were talking about without being boring so I must commend someone who took the time to do that…Even though Im still confused of how to get the bitcoin address so I can start mining….Idk Been looking at bitcoin resources for hours and Im still confused…Might be on my part lol

  8. in the bottom right of my client, after having installed everything (and updated all blocks) i dont get the little green tick, instead i get 2 yellow arrows circling round that just say catching up…, any ideas?

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