How to Get Started at Poloniex Online Cryptocoin Bitcoin Exchange

A short video showing the basics of the online Bitcoin cryptocoin exchange Poloniex. XMR is Monero not Ripple as I stated in the video. . My Links Website Facebook…


  1. Hey Guys, lots of negative comments have been showing up on this video recently from new accounts. I can only assume its some kind of paid FUD campaign!
    I've never had any issues with Poloniex and I still use them and many other exchanges, of course if anything changes I'll let you know.

  2. well definitely there are much more reliable places for starting trading cryptos than poloniex. this exchange is known for fraud activities like insider trading that can really affect traders

  3. getting started at poloniex is very easy and also they can easily freeze the funds on the account or even seize them due to some suspicious administrative costs

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