1. from something easy as a piece of cake – to register, replenish and start to earn with the risk you choose yourself like when you use structured crypto deposits

  2. Great time to invest in bitcoin on the log scale of growth we are in the regression and consolidation stage so relatively low prices and about to grow exponentially

  3. I'd love to see a video about tax free exit strategies for crypto. I know that Malta, Portugal, Singapore, Malaysia, Belarus to name a few have tax free capital gains regarding cryptos. But which place would you recommended? Do we need to buy property? Invest in the country? Relocate to said country for a predetermined period? Thanks I really enjoy your videos.

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  5. I have to keep starting over with this Heidi every time at 0:40 she smiles and says Hi I get lost deep, very deep looking at her beautiful eyes like I’m drifting away unaware of the beautiful amazing blue sky with the water so pretty and the doves singing I’m dreaming or did I just get lost looking into this woman’s soul? She’s definitely special and a Queen to some lucky dude!

  6. like um… like um… like I'm um not sure… you know um it's such a new um thing. but as I said before, there is no um guarantee um

  7. You can't become wealthy by having only a source of income. You need to have other investments and there has not been a better time to invest in bitcoin like now. Now I have that financial freedom I have always wanted.

  8. This lady is really sharp. I was on the fence with crypto, but with the fiat currency/endless money printing, etc, at this point? I think NOT learning bitcoin and how to monitor it's cycles isn't really an option.
    I need to investigate her channel more. Thanks Andrew!

  9. Thank you. We definetly need more videos on countries that will treat crypto investors the best. Many millionaires will be made in next two years of bull market and they will be looking for place that wont kill them with accounting and severe taxing.

  10. So what to do when you sell your btc, transfer the funds to your bank, then the bank decides to close your account ?

    Do they give you a bank check of all your money and send you on your way? Then what?

    You go to open your new bank account and they ask for the source of the funds… ? You say btc trading and they reject you? How to handle this?

    I mean paying the tax is fine if the money is safely in your bank account.

  11. What happens if central banks put their foot down and crypto becomes illegal? considered counterfeit currency? 
    USA has a bill to create crypto via federal reserve. Will they allow competition?

  12. Cryptocurrencies=Bullshit

    Bitcoin is the only inmutable monetary policy, only bastly decentralized, only hard money, ans only not a cashgrab project unlike everything else.

    Know Satoshi hasn't touched any of his 1M bitcoins, in 10 years. Shitcoins are premined and few dump on you to get rich, bitcoin,is meant to fix money, not paypal or credit cards.

  13. Cryptos are indeed an interesting investment but I would buy them more like someone would buy foreign currency with the intention to hold. Actual crypto trading is super specialized and even more difficult likely then trading stocks, due to the difficulty in forecasting future prices of these. I myself have a bit of bitcoin, ethereum, and XRP (ripple).

  14. Peter Schiff, Jim Rogers and Jim Rickards all say that the price of bitcoin will eventually go to zero. I actually lean towards the bullish side on bitcoin, at least on the time scale of the next 5 years; although I think that gold and/or silver and/or gold mining stocks will outperform.

  15. Actual usability of bitcoin and many cryptos bcos of traceability issues, is promoting the dark web, silk road etc… all those activities that hurt and endanger humanity's safe existance. Humanity is digging its own grave.

  16. banks have their own block chain so btc will never be mainstream. can still be used for drugs, etc though. i recommend less than 1% portfolio in btc. most should be in index funds us market world market and bond funds. jack bogle style.

  17. Sorry Andrew , but here is where I differ . "Crypto currency" is a hoax ! Bitcoin advertised as an alternative to fiat paper "money" which is in and of itself a fraud , is what most people use to exchange for Bitcoin !? What makes Bitcoin or any other competitive version thereof any better than the already bogus paper "money" that it is bought with ? Paper "money" that is over inflated into oblivion by pirate owned central "banks" which value is in the negative numbers as a result since Kissenger from Israel by origin , took the fraudulent Federal Reserve notes off the gold backed standard in the 1970s, and that is what we use now to BUY imaginary fairy dust intangible "crypto currency " !!???

  18. The historic test for Bitcoin comes over the next 3 or maybe even 6-12 months. Does it closely follow the stock market or not? It's only ever existed alongside the historic 11 year US bull run, so if stocks crash badly over the next few months – if Bitcoin stays above $2000, then I'll consider it apocalypse proof, but if it falls to $1000 or less and stays there for months, while I'll certainly be buying at those levels, it could be a very very long recovery.

  19. While day trading is relatively easy, only taking 10 minutes a day, if we expect from the current price that Bitcoin will rise at least 10x in value over 1-2 years or something like Litecoin 35x over the same time frame, it's objectively better to just hold, especially by getting long term and lower capital gains taxes, UNLESS you can day trade and make at least 75% gross monthly return (to cancel out all the fees and short term taxes) which comes out to 2.5-3% a day or 5-6% every other day, which is doable for sure with some small market caps like Orchid or whatever, but takes diligence on a daily basis and will mostly be very boring and you won't see the big returns, following exponentials from math class, until month 10-11 of the 12 you've been going at it.
    And the key of day trading is to just stop after about 1 year after the halving, don't get greedy, because it's easy to lose money in bear markets – maybe switch to shorting then or hold and just sell near the peak (when media and everyone is talking about it and on a log chart zoomed out to history, speed of growth matches previous final stages of the cycle).

  20. She hasn't explained clearly some very important aspects at the beginning of the video:
    -unlike gold, cash, real estate etc, bitcoin cannot be confiscated;
    -bitcoin is more scarce than gold, there are only 21 million bitcoins and this number cannot increase, nobody will ever be able to print new ones causing inflation like central banks do with fiat currencies;
    -bitcoin is peer to peer, you don't need a bank or a vault to store it, and you don't need any third party intermediary to actually execute the transaction;
    -although cryptocurrencies are a speculative asset, the risk/reward ratio is just incredible;
    -based on the stock to flow model, bitcoin's value (currently ~10k USD per unit) might potentially raise even above 1 million USD per unit.

  21. The bitcoin halving is in just under 17 hours from right now, NOT a month from now.
    But it's more of a historical marker event and while the new coins from mining do get cut in half instantly and therefore the inflation rate falls by half, the price will not change much, historically speaking. It might rise or fall some % but it's not going to double or get cut in half instantly. Usually it takes 1-2 years of continued rising post halving to hit new historic highs. And about 1 year or less to surpass the previous all time high – in this case 2017's $20,000.

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