How To Get Started With Bitcoin in South Africa

Hi, I am Tman and my friends often call me makeamilli, cos I’m out to make a milli! I bought my 1st bitcoins in 2016 and after that, the rest was history. You may …


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  3. Hi Tman you made my mind clear about the bitcoin but thought bitcoin was investment that you change money in to coins and watch them grow until you decide to change them again

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  5. Hi Mega, I've also jus started with btc, im using luno I wanted to find out how safe the luno wallet is as storage cos my sis had advised me against it and spoke of Hextracoin instead… Pls advise. Thanks

  6. Hey thanks for the video man. Tell me can I use other exchanges like Coinbase or another overseas exchange? I see that luno and ice3 is the only exchanges here in SA. Please help me

  7. Thanks Tshepo!!!!!!! ive been advised against about bitcoin network markerters, do you have any info on that and is it something negative or positive?

  8. Oh wow T. Thank u so much for sharing. I'm so so impressed, i feel like I need to meet up wt u soon & discuss further. I've subscribed & switched on my notifications, my way of 'staying tuned'. Keep up the great work T & here's to a Milli cheers 💵

  9. Thank you for the video. Some of us are utter beginners. I however do not understand the difference between Luno and the bitcoin wallets. Should I create a bitcoin wallet with another software and then use that when I download Luno. Or does Luno also help you create a passkey and bitcoin address? or what. Eish please help.

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