1. Finally someone to hit the point, everyone is afraid to give any kind of advice. Invest 1-10% of your fiat in crypto it might change your life and if you lose it you will be ok

  2. Crypto trading can be rewarding and frustrating at the same time. It is really easy to lose money in this world but hard to make it back. I invested 1BTC into crypto trading Early this year, the first 3 weeks was green for me, i made alot of profits trading altcoins, in the next week i lost almost $5000, that was when i knew was only lucky for the first 3weeks, i still continue putting in money thinking this Luck thing will come again that was how i lost close to $9000 in total, before Febuary could elapsed I have already given up on my dream to make more money with bitcoin and cryptocurrency in general. Few weeks later in Febuary i saw a comment, it was like a review talking about Mr. Erik how he teaches trading under two weeks, i decide to contact him.
    By mid February and he mentored me for just two week and that changed my story in crypto trading. Just two weeks and I have mastered the act of trading perfectly with just the help of Mr. Erik. I know many people might also want to learn professional trading and I will urge you not to waste more time and go ahead to contact Mr. Erik through his personal Email (eriklarsson888@gmailcom) or Whatsapp. +447426071628

  3. “… but it actually is” you’re aware that you voided you disclaimer rite?!
    Watch out with sentence like that Sunny otherwise you risk to get sued for real, not like the guy that sent you the warning, but like CW offering 5k for information about the spacecat 😂😂

  4. im in since 5 years and i can say to the people are dreamers saying we come back to 1k it will never happend and when it will be for just 15 min and a big guy will buy it all

  5. always enjoy your videos — i learn from the way you speak….smooth….wise….caring…..smart…..you really stand out man…thanks so much!!!

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