How to Long or Short Bitcoin – Margin Trading Explained – ByBit Exchange Tutorial

How to long or short Bitcoin, Ethereum, XRP, and EOS, using leverage on Bybit explained in this tutorial. SIGN UP HERE …


  1. Is there anyway we can chat about Bybit. I know about the VPN, but what about signing up and paying with my state side credit or debit card. Can I just transfer crypto to them. And why is it that they don't accept US citizens?

  2. Nice video buddy. I chose to Go long and short on Bitcoin, Ethereum and other major alts on Blockchain Board of Derivatives because of the simplicity and safety the platform provides.

  3. Thanks . This vid got me up and running . Im still not sure how to use the 25 50 75 100 buttons underneath the Qty of the amount . Could you ellaborate a little please .. Thank you for your time ..

  4. One of the best videos on this topic. Question – it seems you can change your leverage point (say from 3x to 10x) at any given time without ending the trade (long/short).
    1) Is this true, and if so; 2) is there an associated fee or any negative consequences (besides potentially losing more fund due to the increased leverage from 3x to 10x)?

  5. Great post for the too many Daily candle watchers during this 'Adjustment Period' for BTC. The best is yet to come and although I understand part of the "Must Fill CME Gaps"….I do know that there is one more at 4.5k or so that is open in 4hr chart. —–mikeD

  6. Keep spreading the word about the fake futures btc spot market. Futures is a manipulative scam to set bitcoin prices LOWER than its suppose to be.

  7. this is the best video explaining Bybit, most others speed through it and get tongue tied and over complicated it, most just skim over the leverage dangers, this is basically gambling but if you don't get too greedy and just skim off small amounts then it is a handy tool,

  8. How about everyone in the bitcoin community sell our bitcoin on the exchanges at a price of $1milliom/BTC and buy up the bitcoin under 1million and drive up the price by the sheer force of the community.

  9. Are you in the US and are you using a VPN if so? Any suggestions on how to trade with a VPN? Are there any KYC issues? Also, what is the spread on BTC trading? I want to accumulate 100 Bitcoin. This looks like the way!! I've done Forex trading but I WANT 100 BITCOIN now!!!

  10. A little more info about conditional and limit. When you go short on bybit. I know to put a stop above the price so not to get liquidated but can you move the stop lower and lower to catch as much profit as you can. I do not believe Kraken gives your liquidation price. Kraken would be a good video also. Just have to kyc

  11. ​@UCl2oCaw8hdR_kbqyqd2klIA I am an inexperience trader and i have made couple successful trades, i also lost some trade but overall i am doing well.. Thanks Lark for such a good tutorial…

  12. Thanks Lark. You are right. Leverage trading is no easy task. I though I had some experience, but Oh boy I was wrong. I lost have of my money. I learned a valuable lesson.

  13. It is like teaching quantum physics to first graders. This is a dangerous game that only seasoned traders should venture into. If bought $btc on coinbase a couple of times, wait 10 years to use bybit and then think twice before actually doing it.

  14. Thank you Lark, this video was extremely helpful! I’ve seen several other tutorials on Bybit that left me with a lot uncertainties and a lack of confident. Many thanks, you’ve given me that confident I needed to created an account. I can’t wait to play with the testnet. Cheers!!!

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