1. If you guys wanted an update on Carlos here it is: he was scammed out of roughly $150,000 through bit connect and other online crypto currency sites. His wife did leave him for failing. He is currently going back to being a therapist to pay the bills. You can see it all on his YouTube channel

  2. READ!! Sometime back, I bought bitcoins and invested in 2 major Ponzi companies, Bitconnect & plustoken they turned out to be scam plots obviously. I knew how many bitcoins I had accumulated with these false companies, and I couldn't access them. A mutual acquaintance referred me to Sterling Finance Recovery. I did my research about them and I sent all the information needed of course and followed their instructions. Imagine my relief when I heard back from them that my funds have been recovered. I referred a few people and the result was the same. Kindly reach out to them if you’ve been a victim of any crypto and Financial crime via a simple google search. MOST IMPORTANTLY: They never charge a dime until they’ve successfully recover your funds

  3. I was just having a shower,

    And was like 'DAMN, I want to watch that video where there was that guy who was like BITTTTTTCONNECCCCCCCTTTTTTTTTT And I really love the dude who narrates that video, Couldnt remember for the life of me who did it, I just searched 'BITCONNECT' And yes, Ah Of course my Boy Ethan !

  4. This is called a Ponzi scam. They will give the 1 percent to a few people but steal a huge amount of money from others. So there are always some rich people who will defend them and there are people who didn't give them enough money to chase them with law suites but they are still making them millions when you combine their monies.

  5. These sort of people are needed in the stock markets. Alot of people tuned out of Crypto after these kind of things. Bad presentations and just weird people hopping in saying stuff about crypto. Best time to buy in after people sell their coins after hearing this. I already quadrupled my money in my portfolio on many different projects. I started investing about a year ago. Best choice ever. Soon there will be another big drop due to the USA elections. Might be the best time to buy some at a bottom price.

  6. Hey ethan and hila you should do a return to the bit connect guy…. he made a response to the company on his personal youtube channel and he talked about bitconnect of the other scams he has fallen victim to. Its very interesting maybe you should do a reaction on the h3h3 channel or even have him on your podcast???.

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