How To Prepare For The Coming Cryptocurrency Bear Market

Grab my free Bitcoin trading course here: In today’s episode, I’m helping you prepare for the coming bear market in …


  1. For anyone wondering, NO I'm not calling a top in bitcoin… I just encourage everyone to have a money management plan, especially when a market goes up 2,000% in 2 years.

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  3. I'm watching your video now and well, about 5 months after your video the crypto winter started. So good job advising the people, wish I could see your video instead of holding bags haha In any case, what is your opinion about the situation now and what's coming?

  4. Yes, I remember this. Possibilities vs probabilities is hard to calculate when you don't have a method or a plan to trade. HODLing forever is not going to produce consistency.

  5. If you want to short btc in binance do you just put holdings into tether and wait for the drop? How much does tether charge, one to 3%? Thanks and you sure were right!

  6. Bulll markets create wealth. Bear markets create dynasties. For everyone who missed the 2000 dotcom crash, this is the opportunity. Easier to pick loseers in a bear than winners in a bull market

  7. Chris, this is the 2nd video of yours i've viewed on 'shorts', yet u don't provide details on how to do it. Is this info in your 'basic' free course? Do u discuss details in your 'free' masterclass webinar? OR do we have to buy a fairly expensive course of yours b4 we get exact details on how to short BtC & other crypto? Hook us up bro! 🙂

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