1. Andre’s project was not hacked. It was a test contract, one of several he was running, and someone tweeted about it and a bunch of nincompoops threw millions into it with ZERO info. Then someone saw the stupidity and minted a bunch of tokens on the test protocol and game over.

  2. Sigh. Trustswap does not lock liquidity. And they never advertised that they do. They only lock team tokens. How is it Trustswap’s fault that the investors didn’t do due diligence and the scammers rug pulled? The team token are still locked as we speak.

  3. This Ole Timer was a Youngin at one time, always in a rush and when your in a hurry you at times trip over yourself. I now find myself on the nice an easy pace and content with DCA on all things finance wise, I'm glad i didn't dive in to some of these projects as others have, my glass is half full.

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