1. Ok so this isn't really a how to scam video, it's more about how the system can screw the seller and its showcasing the methods people use to do so and in turn teaches people how to scam which will eventually force ebay to provide more protection for sellers. But this does give me confidence in buying knowing that it is actually easier for me to scam than me getting scammed and I can actually purchase in peace.

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  3. Long time eBay seller. This guy is right zero protection for sellers anymore just ate 400+$ on a laptop because seller refused to file a claim then sent it back Inna different box so I couldn't file a damage claim. Not ever worth appealing.

  4. That's It EBAY blacklisted in my book I don't trust them- if they can't protect the seller then i'm not using this platform to sell my stuff. They are helping people steal your stuff.

  5. You are absolutely right, sellers have ZERO protection. But you also have to realize that there is no other way! eBay literally CAN'T protect both sellers and buyers. They just can't. Otherwise they would get scamming sellers on the platform as well as scamming buyers. As it is now, eBay is a platform for volume sellers and not small sellers! Period! It is for companies, not for private sellers. You really should not use eBay to sell your stuff like camera equipment, electronics, computers or computer parts, mobile phones, etc. It's simply too risky for a private seller. Companies can afford to get scammed because eBay's motto is "It's part of doing business!" and companies can eat the loss. You can't. You just have 1 mobile phone to sell and if you get scammed out of $500 USD for it, that's it. There's no covering that. As a buyer, everybody has a chance to scam somebody and get a new mobile phone for free, although you can do it only once. But you CAN do it. eBay relies on the population as a whole to be honest, and that means you do too. So, you KNOW there's nothing that can be done here, except hoping that people as a whole don't become scammy. That's why you should not encourage scamming because it just CAN'T help and just makes things worse.

  6. I started selling through offerup and made a couple of sales easily so I join ebay and I been getting scammers after scammers lol it's funny when they offer me a higher price than what the asking price is so what I do I decline their offer and offer them a way higher price than what they were asking 🤣

  7. Beware of the best offer buyer scam, a buyer will make a best offer on a used item and you accept the offer, the buyer will say that the item condition doesn't match the photos, sends back their scratched up item or a different item, opens an ebay case and gets their money back.

  8. I was scammed by a seller he sent a broken pc part and just straight up ignored me i opened a claim its been 9 days and i just sais waiting for a few details from the seller😔 will i be able to get my money back

  9. The thing with eBay is that there is still a major section of it that is like a garage sale. And garage sale items shouldn’t be classed into new stuff. Whether it’s taxed or open to returns. I’m a seller and have been burnt by these scammer buyers. And it sucks. Sellers have 0 rights. I don’t think tax should be collected on used sh*t and I don’t think sellers should have to pay for return shipping on used items. If you buy a used SOLD AS IS ITEM and you want to return it, it should be paid for by the buyer. Basically as a seller.. anything I list on there now.. is just local pickup with cash or it’s sh*t that I don’t care about. Also.. this vid.. smh.. I get why you made the vid, but as I’m sure your aware.. it’s just fuel for scammers.. just enabling the problem even more pointing out the major flaw with eBay. I wish we could go back to eBay circa 1999-2006. Esp when you could leave a buyer a neutral or neg. ebay sucks these days.. but vids like this doesn’t help the prob..

  10. This shit fake as hell. Hit up my boy @fraudbiblemethod on Instagram or @cardnswipe on telegram. I bought a full off him for only $20 and I got a pair of yeezys and cashed out the rest

  11. OK. I currently have 3 eBay seller accounts and 1 Amazon account and have sold over 10,000 items in the past 2 years. I have come across these types of cases and I have never lost. In these types of cases, it takes persistence, patience and time to win.

    1, Ebay allows you to block countries that you do not want to ship to. e.g. I sell in the UK and have blocked Russia and Western EU countries. This can be done on the listing itself.
    You can even block buyers from purchasing your items in the future if they are doggy.

    2, If the item is expensive always take pictures of the item, including when packing the item *shipping label and weight of the item*. This is will help if a case is opened. If it's an electronic item take images of the serial number also.

    3, In Business the buyer is always right even if it wasn't your fault. Ebay's policy always sides with the buyer so you'll need to accept the return but that doesn't mean you'll lose the case. You can do these measures and will help you with what's going on. Understand that when a case is opened your money will be held until the case is closed, the money does not go to the buyer it's just stuck

    3.1, Ask the buyer questions on the problem and help as much as possible.
    3.2, If the buyer says the item was damaged or not working ask them to provide an image of the item.
    3.3, If the buyer followed all your instructions and steps and they are still wanting to return the item then you'll need to accept it. *INR cases and IN Described cases you'll need to pay for postage, however, this can be refunded after the case has been closed.

    3.4, If the buyer has not shipped the item within 14 days then give ebay a call, you can get the case closed.

    4, Once the buyer, has returned the item give eBay a call, tell them the situation and provide them with the evidence.

    4.1*You need to speak in a professional manner, don't show your emotions, frustration or anger.*
    Remember Ebay does not care if you have 100% feedback, top rated, business seller, selling for 10 years etc.

    4.2 Ebay's escalations team is the best department to call when dealing with these cases.
    4.3 Ebay's agents are not all the same meaning every time you give them a call they will give you different information and deal with situations differently.
    4.4 As different agents deal with the situation differently you might come across one of these 2 scenarios, the agent closes the case in your favour is happens rarely. Or the case is closed in the buyer's favour which happens most of the time. The buyer can re-appeal the case if they lose so you'll need to give eBay a call and go through the process again
    4.5 If the agent closes the case in the buyer's favour don't freak out as you can appeal the decision after 48 hours. The money will be taken out of your account and given to the buyer

    Ebay put these measures to test the buyer or seller to see who's in the wrong. If you are legitimate then you'll fight for your money and that's what they want to see

    5, When appealing the case you'll need to give the escalations team a call again, or trusts and safety department. Both these departments will help to re-appeal the decision.
    5.1 You'll need to give them all the information on what happened. Remember 4.1
    5.1 You will either be refunded or asked to provide a police report. This all depends on the agent or information or the amount of money in question.
    5.1 Ebay will either reverse the transaction or refund you from their own pocket.

    6, If you are asked to provide a police report, this is usually with high-value items then Ebay will send you a document to fill in at the police station. In the UK no police station does this and you'll need to file a report online.
    6.1 After filing the report you'll need to show ebay the document and the incident number.
    6.2 Give ebay a call when doing this and explain that the police station does not do police reports and it needs to be done online.
    6.3 If you have done these steps then ebay most likely will refund you your money.

    To get the case closed quick as possible it all depends on the agent you speak to, your attitude, the transaction amount, and the amount of evidence.

    Out of my experience, eBay is the hardest to get a refund from and Paypal and Chargebacks are much easier. With the new Paypal chargeback policy it's much easier now and to win cases on PayPal. It's all about persistence and getting through to the right agent.

    * Make sure to block the buyer and report them for misusing the money-back guarantee program.*

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