HOW TO SELL YOUR BITCOIN (Step by Step Beginner Guide)

This is a step-by-step #tutorial showing you how to #sell #bitcoin on #LocalBitcoins: I’ll show you step-by-step, how to cash …


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  3. I use binance, so i go to localbitcoin where im registred, find a dude, and then i use the number from binance "withdraw" and copy V into localbiycoins?

  4. PLEASE ONE IMPORTANT QUESTION. When i go to buy coins i am asked to provide so much documents by sellers to verify i am the person and also a written note with selfie, so when i want to sell back my coins do i have to do the same like asking coin buyers for documents and selfie notes to prevent any bank transfer reversals or third party accounts?

  5. how much trasaction fees they charge for sending BTC to other exchange sites? n while buying they deduct some amount so who take that amount other sellr use or website ?

  6. wow this is so much better than using coinbase. I always worry with crypto, even if you make alot of money you never know if you are going to encounter major problems transfering back into fiat and loose everything

  7. Hello
    thanks for the video
    but I do not have the "Release bitcoin" button !!! strange!!!
    there is something wrong.
    what should I do ?

  8. I should've bought in the first time I watched this video…
    Watching it again now makes me want to cry witnessing these prices :'(
    I'm gonna take the plunge ASAP.

  9. Kindly make a video tutorial on "How to Sell BTC on" step-by-step guidelines from start to end "How to Post a Trade" and brief its all options of the page like "Trade type, Location, Currency, Margin, Price equation, Min. transaction limit, Max. transaction limit, Restrict amounts to, Opening hours, Terms of trade etc.

    Because No one has made this type of video as yet. There are a lot of video regarding buying BTC from, however, about selling there is no video.

  10. 💵💰👍🙏Thanks for sharing if anyone want to Buy & Sell Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH) ping me on skype : hemant_136
    whatsapp +917838888080

  11. great video mate! just 1 question tho. the only payment method i can use for now is paypal. do you think i'll run into any issues if i recieve money earned from selling btc? any tips for when recieving the money through paypal?

  12. How long until the seller confirms though? 1minute? Or 1 week?
    Thats what really counts!
    If u buy the bitcoins off of a seller, i want them IMMEDIATELY !!!!!!!

    And is there a maximum daily limit on how much BTC you can buy?

    Does anyone know the answer to these questions?

  13. question: with bank transfer, if it's different bank than mine it might take 3 working days, so they have to wait till i receive the money then i transfer the BTC? why not cash deposit only, shouldn't it be easier?

  14. Deepak Chawla is a scourge of Localbitcoins that you should permanently ban.
    I hope you do something about him.

    While you do, I'm moving to other sites like Paxful.

  15. hey iam new to this website and want to sell my bitcoin for WU to someone … so i shouldnt release the bitcoins untill i receive the WU money ? so he gonna pay me first? whats gonna protect him from me scamming him ? i mean i can grab the WU money and not release bitcoin … iam asking to know what to do if he told me to release the BTC before him sending me the WU money .. iam new to this website and dont wanna get scammed : so please help me with my question

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