1. The rise of the Bitcoin and Ethereum was predicted by the whale JOE007 in hs Telegram channel @ JOE007Alert – or make search for "JOE007Alert" in Telegram. I'm sure he has access to insider information.

    I watch his channel for one month. In general, he predicted a lot of things in Telegram. It cannot be explained by simple analysis.

    Look at posts from May 27 – predicted the rise of the bitcoin. April 30th – fall.

    Definitely, whales always know everything, but only Joe007 shares info from time to time

  2. that did not help me to find out how to send to a segwit bech32 address, I have to send it to a wallet with a legacy encryption before I send it again to the wallet that I need to furnish…

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  4. DO NOT Transfer large amount of bitcoins to your localbitcoin wallet. Localbitcoins is known to suspending accounts for reasons they will not disclose and hold your bitcoins in your LBC wallet!! Once your account is suspended or put on "forced holiday" you will have an endless chase with their useless support team.

    After using you for over half a decade , and then giving an account I used to be allowed to use works bitcoins , I had google authenticator and 2fa was tied to work access only . Did a trade , contract was cancelled , buyer told his bank not to pay out , next day bank paid , my boss wasn’t happy , sent the funds back in two amounts via btc . Even though it was banks mistake they frozen another account I made up
    For personal use same name 2 after it . I no longer work there and cannot log on to that account , I told them
    This loads plus no active contract between us , it was cancelled , as they can see , was banks fault , however we sent them the btc in two amounts to bitcoin address buyer gave , I left working for them , and carried on using my other account , I have perfect feedback on both accounts , but that counts for shit , what they do is illegal
    It does not belong to them and support is useless do not even read the messages sent .so transferred coins from my startup business they accepted the transfer then just froze account not allowing me to access or take it out , why ON EARTH DO WE HAVE FEEDBACK IF IT MEANS JACK ALL , perfect feedback all the time . NO ONE TO COMPLAIN TO , they basically do whatever they want with your coins no matter how great feedback you have , SUPPORT ? They do not even read the message . Fuming so mad , after all these years , no contract was active it was cancelled , it was banks fault and buyer told bank not to pay , but we have coins back , to wallet address they sent out good karma , now to freeze a complete separate account I use for different business is ILLEGAL
    Now my start up tech company grinder to a halt , the electric and gas gonna be turned off at 1000 tomorrow all as a consequence of them doing some this which is illegal . My family are hungry #Forcedholiday

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