I will be showing you how to set up a Ledger Nano S Cryptocurrency hardware wallet so you can safely store your Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies on an …


  1. Ryan, Can I pay you to ask you some basic information. I've set up my wallets and have cryptos stored on my nanoS, but I don't know how it works…meaning. can someone open up the ledger live and have access to what is shown on the screen or do they need to have my NanoS plugged in to transfer any cryptos? Someone just hacked into my exodus wallet and stole lots of crypto. Can I call you and pay you to explain something to me…I'm such a beginner, and I don't know what to do.

  2. Hello…..recently bought the Nano S…..I have Bitcoin BCH. But now I cannot send it to another wallet…..always error……will not recognized any BCH wallet…..error…always….other crypto, no problem. …any idea why? ? Thank you

  3. Quick question, although this a hardware cold wallet that must be used offline, how do you download the apps and log on to the first step webiste? I thought the sole purpose was to keep this device OFFLINE? Can someone elaborate, please?

  4. @Ryan Scribner , Wassup Bro? Both You & Ledger say "INSTALL THE LEDGER APPS" and then don't say how! I get it you click the "Apps" link but how the hell did you get to the Chrome Apps Page? You don't show That! Plus the next shot The Ledger tries to open chrome …But Is it already open when You saw all the huge "Apps Icons" Jeesh I wish someone would show each step instead of all of a sudden were on a different page with no clue how we got there. Dam!

  5. Trezor from start to finish including unpackaging to successfully storing Litecoin on my Trezor less than 50 minutes. Ledger Nano S I am now 4 hours later and several breaks from frustration and still am unable to store bitcoin on it!

  6. K can't find this answer anywhere. I understand the transaction % fees associated with any exchange (i.e. Bitrex charges .25%maker & .25%taker fees). But what about fees to move from the wallet to the exchange? You obviously don't want to leave your BTC (or whatever coin you're hodling on/using as your base) in the exchange, what are the costs to move your BTC/LTC/XRP or whatever to your wallet at the end of the day and then bring it back into the exchange again the next day(week or whenever)? So if you make one trade and have .5% total fees, do you also have .25% removing your BTC to a wallet like the Ledger nano S and then another .25% the next day bringing it back to an exchange, essentially making the fees for that one trade 1%?

  7. please help me! i am trying to store my Komodo on my nano s but it not working!!! I'm trying to send my kmd coins over from binance but nothing happens. im actually losing my coins everytime i try to send them! I send from binance to my address on my ledger but it never arrives and just gets lost

  8. Thanks Ryan. You mentioned to keep the recovery sheet offline. And this is also suggested by many others. I want to know how come it can be insecure if I take a photo and back it up with google photos which is secured by 2fa authentication. I very much like to know your opinion on this. Cheers

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