How to Trade Altcoins as a COMPLETE Beginner in 2020

In this video we cover 2 strategies for how to trade altcoins. I share everything I’ve learned in the last 4 years as a professional cryptocurrency trader.


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  5. Thanks @Koroush for the video, I have a quick question, Sorry if you have already explained it one of your videos, i am trying to watch all of it one by one.
    so my question is, If we miss the early entry and try strategy #2. we buy at a pull back maybe at 0.236 then it comes down to 0.618 as well,(according to this link example) how do we know that the uptrend has been broken and now its coming back down now or still intact. What should be our best stop loss? 0.618? (assuming the same example)

    Second, if we buy according to first strategy at early stage and it breaks out, how do we take profit from the market and when to best take it? in this link example, if we would have taken the profit at 100% we still miss the rest, is there a way to judge a best take profit point in such coins?

  6. Great and crystal clear video as always!
    Just a question, when you ride the trend, do you directly put limit order on the Fib retracement or do you, let's say, put alarms on the various levels to check if it bounce and THEN you will entry?

  7. you claim there is 2 options on the break of the final resistance before the trend really kicks off (6:34) – it just flies off or it comes back down and retests then continue. surely the third option is dumps?

  8. For me it's a constant back and forth and in the end I lost $ 1000. After my last trade I lost the desire and I'm kind of stupid for that .. It's a shame, if you can really trade with a 60-80% probability of winning, that's a good source of income ..

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  10. Great guide, nice and clear, thanks for sharing! I had to comment, the intro is a killer, made me laugh :))
    Mens sana in corpore sano. Like! :))

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