How To Trade Crypto On Binance

This week I take a look at crypto-trading platform “Binance”. How do you sign up? How do you fund your account? How do you trade? Both desktop and mobile …


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  3. Hello am very new in the crypto currency trading investing.I just finished watching your video on how to open my ether wallet.pls could u recommend any more of your videos here for me….thank u

  4. Hi! I Tried to log in on my iPhone using binance app (downloaded thanks to your link) but it keeps telling me that my username or pass are mistaken. But they are exactly the ones I use on my Mac book pro. Very strange…

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  6. Quick question, I just sold BTC/USD on Binance and it is now in my order history but not in my open orders. Does this mean that my trade was closed?

  7. I'm sorry if you actually have no knowledge of Tether. But if you truly know, and didn't disclose that it's a total fraud, you are a scammer!! Think of all the people that are sitting on Tether right now, how would they react after seeing the next morning that it is worth $0.00?

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