1. My all-encompassing guide to starting with Bitcoin:
    Buy Bitcoin in Canada on Coinberry and get $20 after your first $50 purchase
    Get the Ledger Backup Pack – Includes Ledger Nano X & S
    Coldcard Bitcoin Hardware Wallet – Get 5% off
    NordVPN helps with your internet privacy – Get 70% off
    LEDN offers Bitcoin backed loans – Sign up and get $50 free

  2. Just bought one, Looking at buying a second one on black Friday as a backup, or I might get a 3pack if they are cheap enough. 1 Master 2 slave and a back up in another location just so I have them. May sound crazy, but I don't care about the money, just my privacy, and security. Plus, I like to have multiple backups if something happens to me, and my wife needs to get info to sell all my crypto for money.

  3. Hey Guy, I really enjoy your channel and your articles and reviews.
    I have noticed that SpaceSwap has been going up a lot lately and can't find any recent news related to it, do you know anything about it?. Keep up the great content.

  4. purchased Nano X before I have made my first BTC purchase.. I am concerned that maybe I made a mistake, as I thought it would be a fool proof safety device, however it sounds like you are not at all impressed by this device.

  5. Great detailed vid! Question is that if i only have a phone (no laptop or tower) i am going to have to get this bluetooth Ledger Nano X, correct? I cant seem to figure a way to connect a Trezor. Thanks for any help!

  6. If you install the apps onto your ledger desktop then configure it with the ledger mobile app will the apps show on the mobile app or do you have to do it separately for both?

  7. connecting so many devices by so many means and software makes me very unconformable :/
    Not sure how these hardware wallets get a reputation for most secure wallets.

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