Intro 00:00 Symmetrical Triangle 00:35 Get $50 FREE! 00:50 IMPORTANT September BTC price prediction 1:35 Fibonacci consolidation 2:30 Trump news 3:18 …


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    Intro 00:00
    Symmetrical Triangle 00:35
    Get $50 FREE! 00:50
    IMPORTANT September BTC price prediction 1:35
    Fibonacci consolidation 2:30
    Trump news 3:18
    CRUCIAL brand new fibonacci 4:30
    All about symmetrical triangle data 5:20
    5 DAYS AWAY 5:40
    Must see daily BTC chart 8:00

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  3. guys if stock market going down, bitcoin will do the same , next week is very important to understand what happen in the usa , if president is healthy or election! so its very important because no mater what the chars is going to be ! bitcoin will following the us stock market, and i personal think its not looking good for the stock market !

  4. Great video. I pulled out for now. I'm expecting a dump to 9000-9400 area to revisit/bounce of the previous descending trendline (highs from dec 2017 and Jun 2019 which we broke out of in July 2020), but will partially be re-entering again around 10k. Think the oct and nov months are generally bearish and with unknowns of covid second wave and elections… Some Q3 numbers will come out in October as well which might bring down the S&P (hoping there won't be a correlation). Overall bullish, so won't be out for too long 🙂 Keep up to great work! Regards from Holland.

  5. If you longing you wrekt AF because we have not confirmed a higher low until we close at least a 6 hour above 11015….and we far away from that buddy… why not just read the TA for what it is and short

  6. Since when news have a real impact in BTC price movement? It sounds more like fake propaganda from MSM
    For those who are in the space for years, already know, that is BS.
    BTC is in a consolidation phase and the most important is a confirmation of BTC decoupling from the traditional financial markets at least momentarily, as is pretty clear what drives the market in general is the DEBT MARKET.
    BTC hasnt pull back more than 20% since March 2020, wont be surprise if btc gets a 25 to 30 % retracement from 12500 (8750 to 9350) my point of reference is the EMA 21 on the weekly in this particularly case going south….if BTC will break 11 k enjoy the ride
    Thanks for the upload

  7. Dan I really like the fib retracement tool you are using: mind sharing it's name so I can also add to my tradingview? The default looks nothing like that and I like your's better

  8. Bitcoin reward halving supply shock closer each minute..⌛️..⏰

    2012 and 2016 halvings ‘kicked off’ 🥾 the exponential 2013 and 2017 price surges!

    Litecoin Mimblewimble Testnet now in progress. MW 👤

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