HUGE BITCOIN UPDATE!! Pump Incoming?! (Cryptocurrency Trading/Price Analysis)

HUGE BITCOIN UPDATE!! Pump Incoming?! (Cryptocurrency Trading/Price Analysis) ‍ Copy My Trades! (FREE TRIAL): ‍ Bybit ($90 …


  1. Bitcoin and Litecoin reward halving supply shock coming down the track..⛹🏻‍♂️

    2012 and 2016 halvings signified the arrival of the exponential 2013 and 2017 price surges ⛱

  2. Just read on TradingView the famous whale-speculator Joe007 (Gordon Gekko in crypto) pumped DREP/BTC pair. Check the chart of DREP on Binance. He made 40% profit. Wonder if it's legal? I also found his TeIegram channel. Make search for Joe007Official in TeIegram.

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  4. Alas it's going up again, the past week was indeed a real scare for crypto hoarders, the market wasn't really cool with what they expected, but that is crypto currency for you, the market is volatile. For a seasoned trader it presented advantage towards acquiring trading equities, I'd always maintain that a trader earns regardless of market prices. A crypto trader is more concerned with his signal service, I find renouned trading expert Ethan McKenzie's trading signals as the most prolific I've tried till date, trading is serious business also very lucrative and should be done under an established trading expert, Ethan can be contacted on watspp (+44 7723 042647) and telygram (ethanmckenzie) . Crypto trading is the present as well as the future, let's stay positive.

  5. When talking investing, it has predominantly been real estate and solid minerals for me but lately, i started to delve into cryptocurrency, first by buying and when i first did, it was 3 bitcoins at $5,200 per coin and today, a bicoin is well above $10,000 but the best part to it is when i started to not just keep coins but also to trade. That was when a colleague introduced me to Isaac Steward, a trainer in crypto trading and also, a crypto analytics/advise strategist. He was able to carry me on in trading and within just a month, i had traded and grown 5 bitcoins to over 12. This was my smartest move ever and i am inclined to speak about such a step i took for the benefit of others. He can be reached on Telegram (Isaacsteward)*(+1715 5751635) or WhatsApp (+447782829841) for crypto investing and trading edge

  6. As I started trading as a beginner it looked really fustrating but thank heavens I was lucky to meet a reliable profession(cypto) and a reliable broker a broker and a profession with a real purpose .tutors and guide's with integrity…… u can ask more about him

  7. Bitcoin has been trading sideways after its huge dump for a couple of days now and indications shows there is no need for panic right now or despair as the crypto coin just defended a very critical level which will result to a significant upside movement in the days / weeks to come. The advise I got during the last major dump of 2018 and the strategy I implemented which did a lot of good for me is still my arsenal and that involves buying a whole load of coins now and trading to increase them, while waiting for the imminent mooning which will still see bitcoin as the best performing asset. My help with trading came from Gary Saville's signal with which I traded 3 btc to over 6 btc in just over 7 weeks.Y'all can reach out to him through His TeIegram @ Gary_Saville

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