HUGE COINBASE PUMP!! Vechain VET, CRO, CargoX and ShareRing | Crypto News

00:44 Market Update 01:35 Coinbase List New Digital Assets 04:34 Twitter Emoji 05:40 VeChain VET study 08:05 CargoX to Clear India’s Container …


  1. Back in 2017 I bought CXO and LEND a few 100,000 of each and I forgot all about them for the last few years and and all of a sudden they are coming to my attention and I am reminded of the merit of holding and nano ledger s's

  2. VET is destined to reach $1.00. next few weeks, we will see Vet reach and break ATH over $0.02.
    Get it in now before it's too late 🚀🚀🚀

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