Hyperwave – Consensio applied to the Current Bitcoin Market

Hyperwave Channel by Lucid Investment Strategies Co-hosted by D. Tyler Jenks and Leah Wald Bitcoin: 31qBca9jRFfux1Qsum9Ekp95MBSgCEWxt6 Lucid …


  1. Intro … webinar
    5:40 quick Look at BiTCoin
    8:38 Consencio Getting rid of the noise
    8:51 The Lines 2, 7, 30 Weekly converting to daily equates to 14, 49, 210. 9

    13:48 Signal July 2nd to July 16th short is below intermediate Take some profit Say 10%
    17:51 When the short term goes back above the intermediate that 10% goes back in. "I don't care about loosing opportunity"
    19:00 Second crossing Again I remove 10% Sept 3rd to Sept 24th now the short goes back above the intermediate and the 10% goes back in.
    20:05 Third Crossing (at the top) the short goes under the Intermediate that's 10% AND this time the intermediate turned down that 25% for a total of 35% out of the market.
    21:15 Forth Crossing We bounce back off the Long term and the short goes above the intermediate and we put 10% back in leaving 25% remaining out. Two weeks later the 10% comes back out.
    21:46 The Fifth cross is the intermediate going below the long term … Here we get another 25% out so now were at 50%.
    22:02 the Last 50% comes out when the Long term turns down.
    27:17 Use other system to help pull money from the market.
    30:01 Looking at the Daily Chart & changing the Averages 14, 49, 210 day same time period we were looking at on weekly.
    32:00 The rules change … using price when price breaks the short term average you would sell 25%
    38:40 You don't want to … go against the long term and you certain don't want to go against the long term and the intermediate term when their saying the same thing.
    48:47 Possibilities & 50% Bear move is not the same as a 50% Bull move.
    1:04:11 Getting back in with 5% 10% increments. on an Hourly Chart
    1:06:42 Question about the Fibs MA and exponential MA?
    1:08:52 Question 10% of what profits or 10% of holdings?
    1:12:42 Question for shorting do the same rule apply but in reverse? … 1:13:04 "the mathematics of being right or wrong" 1:13:23 ~the odds are against you 3 to 1 1:13:46 "your risk has tripled relative to your reward!" Plus infinity down side… etc
    1:15:19 Is Consensio a trailing indicator? …Yes ~ Predictive, Real Time, & (Lagging or momentum ) indicators. Consensio lags less than others.
    1:17: 58 Is this another Dead Cat Bounce?
    1:20:00 Would you agree that shorting a hyperwave has the same potential as going long a hyperwave?
    1:25:00 Does adding other technical indictors complicate things?
    1:30:30 If we break the triangle to the upside when is it not considered a bull trap and a start of a bull run?
    1:32:23 Do you like the Gan Fan indicator?
    1:33:44 Noavgratz (Sp?) Called a bottom Comments? ~True but Misleading~

  2. So in the end you are gonna charge everyone for something as other YouTube guru's, I understand the business model, but I have thought a bit different approach from Hyperwave, which I thought to be a channel to rise the awareness on the markets and a new methods of studying the charts, but guess I was wrong. A bit disappointed.

  3. Tyler where is that $3,000 BTC you said we would have in August? You are using a stock market tracking system on Crypto!! Not even close to the same market.

  4. TYLER….you can do this on Tradeview!…… Just get a drop down from the TITLE of the COIN…get manu and HIDE IT….it will display the same lines as you did it here…I just did it. Maybe they just upgraded it. BTW, question. If you can you apply "consensio" to stock market, what would be the moving averages on weekly, daily, hourly basis? Thanks

  5. Love this stuff Tyler! Thanks so much for sharing your priceless knowledge. Consensio saved as a template and my go to starting point from here on in. Looking forward to your next broadcast already!

  6. Simply invaluable. Thank you. Novogratz is up to his meninges in short positions. It will show soon. If he's got it risked on bitmex, he's probably got it registered as a "cold" wallet looking long. There's many ways for a guy of such resources to get away with deception

  7. TradingView- Upper left side, of inside chart window, where you see "Bitcoin/Tether, USD, 15, Binance" or whatever chart you are using- the "tab" on the left side or in-front of this info is where you want to right click. This is where you can left click and hide all the indicators (volume, MA's, EMA's) at the same time. So "right click" on that "tab" and Scroll down to "Hide" and left click. To show price again, repeat, above steps but click "show" for Price to appear.

  8. 8'400 subscribers. I shit all over my self. Sorry! 20yrs old children have 100k subscr. with no clue at all. This video is value pure! Tyler thank you very much for the free education here. Always enjoying ur vids. There is so much to learn. As from you and Tone and Jimmy. Im downloading this one for sure!

  9. Amazing insights! Tyler, I love your persona, your knowledge, your integrity, and honesty. You are getting old, but you keep your mind open, curious and hungry for knowledge. Simple amazing.Thank you, Tyler! And Leah!

  10. I don't understand why Tyler states that BTC will go down in price due to Hyperwave(technical analysis),but he states that altcoins will go to zero based on fundamental analysis. Shouldn't he use T.A for all cryptos?To add to this he says only BTC is in a hyperwave,not other cryptos,which makes me ask the question,could altcoins have a huge rally while BTC dumps?Keep up the good work Lucid investments.

  11. I don’t think the exchanges or whale manipulators are going to allow BTC to go to 1K, we can see how they currently won’t allow it to go to far below 6K.

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