1. do you seriously recommend those books? i wanna learn more about bitcoin trading, since mining is well beyond my investment capabilities at this point

  2. I can't believe you said 'stacking sats'. Its the cringiest, lamest, most contrived, fake phrase dreamt up by government agents who dont want crypto to be used as money.

  3. I question the alleged "transparency" of PrimeXBT: they fail to mention that while they are happy to receive your transfers, NOBODY seems to be allowed to actually use the Covesting module as a follower, yet EVEN THOUGHT their email specifically says "We are delighted to inform you that you have been granted exclusive early access to PrimeXBT Covesting!".

  4. At first I thought I was watching a discovery channel then the realization sinks in when the narrator said Bitcoin at the end. Lmao.

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