I found out something about BitCoin

A lot of people are scared about BitCoin because of previous history on scams. But I found out something about BitCoin that happened recently that may change …


  1. Well Done Jonathan The Paid Bitcoin Maxi Is Very Deceptive Hopefully Others Will Clear There Guilt And Tell The Truth About Bitcoin
    The High End Of Town Are Tooling Up For One Last Manipulated Flash Pump And Dump Before The Drafted Regulations Are Put Into Law
    Plenty Of Little Fish Will Be Caught In This Net

  2. Hi Jonathan, informative video! But I would like to ask about the ‘non commercial’ vs ‘commercial’ categories, wouldn’t the speculators who are out to make profit fall under ‘non commercial’? And hedgers Would fall under ‘commercial’.
    This is an excerpt from Investopedia:
    “A non-commercial trader is defined by the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) as someone who has no business activities related to a particular commodity in which they might have a position in the futures or options markets. This means that non-commercial traders are not looking to take delivery of a commodity or hedge costs related to a commodity-related business. Instead, non-commercial traders are taking positions in the market purely to seek a profit from market moves.“

  3. as of the 26th of May report from the CFTC, commercial has traded out of there long futures. Its almost like they were found out and now findings ways to hide it

  4. Mr Tan, I have gone to the website of the CFTC and they have many tabs on the top line with many categories. How do i get into the short report that you are displaying sir? Thank you ~

  5. Bitcoin currently is trading slightly above $9,100 but it is likely to go lower if it breaks below the $8,680 support levels, this doesn’t call for despair because most likely the asset would soon experience a great upward surge in coming months, what should be of an utmost priority now is accumulating and increasing your holdings while waiting for the imminent bull run. A very simple but effective approach I developed for myself is trading with the guidance of expert traders and with the aid of Nathan Trueman through his daily trade signals being copied in my trades I have grown my portfolio from 2 btc to 8 btc in just a month. Now’s the perfect opportunity to get in on bitcoin because soon enough the asset will moon and I strongly advise investors to exploit this golden opportunity by having more than a handful before the bull run finally kicks in, for example, I can’t say am doing bad and I plan to own at least 20 btc before the final mooning of bitcoin. He can be reached through direct messaging on his WhatsApp:+44 7723 984457 and also his Telegram:nathantrueman for newbies/less experienced traders who need help with growing their portfolio.

  6. bitcoin is too valuable for trading. Accumulate instead of trading. hodlers is the real winners, and did people not trade BTC then prices would be much less volatile.

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