I just bought a Lamborghini with Bitcoin

In 2011 Peter Saddington bought some Bitcoin. He never guessed what it would be worth today. He just became the first person ever to buy a Lamborghini …


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  2. I remember betting online back on 2012 and having 2 bitcoin at $300 per coin then I lost money so I ate into my bitcoin and lost it all. Lol I’m such an idiot if only I wasn’t 12 betting with 10K online 😪

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  6. This was the video that got me into bitcoin. So thank you for this video and thank YouTube to have suggested this video back in 2017…
    Then I just got absorbed with videos from Andreas. I didn't became rich and I still drive a fiat bravo but to me bitcoin is much more than an investment… it's a tool against governments and the economic cartel trying to rule the world… If bitcoin gets adopted, THEY WILL NOT SUCCEED… Cheers.

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  13. I was mining bitcoin back in 2012 at under 50 bucks. Litecoin at under $2. XRP at under .0065 cents. Eth at $5 missed the .20 cent mark. Antshares(neo) at under .50 cents. My gut tells me NASH(NEX) and XRP are going to do pretty well in this coming bull market

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  15. Sick car…hats off. How does one talk to others about the potential of Bitcoin when they've potentially just bought the most expensive Lambo that will ever be purchased ever. If you really understood the potential of Bitcoin you wouldn't buy anything with it. It's a store of value; HODL!!!

  16. Wow, such an epic mistake this guy made. He's really taught people about bitcoin but at his won expense. He should've just financed the car.

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