1. I just checked and it looks like I was almost exactly right about the price going up a couple thousand a week after a bump in twitter wall activity. I just wish I had bought some more bitcoin. This is now the 5th time I've seen that happen since it peaked in 2017. I guess it takes some time to gather the right people to follow, but I assume anyone can build this easy to spot signal if you follow enough significant names in crypto and check twitter every so often.

  2. I expect it to take off a few thousand in the next few days(july 20something 2020), but I'm basing that purely on a notable increase in twitter feed crypto activity and having noticed it takes off about a week after that happens

  3. Keep going Gary, you are pushing this consciousness shift! Crypto is the future. I put 2k in crypto around 5 months ago and it's worth 12k now.

    Please have a look into NAVcoin, it has just set up the first community fund, coin holders will dedicate a percentage of their stakes to a community fund, the purpose of which is to continue development in whichever way the community sees fit. They could vote to add NAVcoin to a new exchange for example, or they could pay someone to work on the security of the coin. This means the coin could function with no senior staff, if all the developers quit today then the community fund would continue development of the coin in whichever way the community voted, all votes verified on the blockchain!

    It also has excellent and unique anonymity features using subchain and polymorph, have a look, the project would love to have you on board. I would put my community vote forward to have you as the frontman for NAVcoin.

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