Ian Balina Discusses Bitcoin on the TODAY Show on Australian TV

I had the pleasure of appearing on the TODAY Show in Australia to discuss bitcoin and cryptocurrencies. We’re taking cryptos mainstream. Buckle up, this rocketship is in orbit. Download My…


  1. Bitcoin fell 4.4 percent Friday, slipping below $9,000 for the first time in two weeks. Analysts cited a lack of positive market drivers and speculation that the U.S. Federal Reserve might pause this year’s rate-cutting cycle, which could curb demand for the cryptocurrency as a potential inflation hedge. The market is way too volatile but at the same time very lucrative and profitable. Hardcore hodling is way too dangerous, so as investors we should strive to always accumulate and increase our portfolio thereby making profit any market trend. I am currently accumulating and increasing my portfolio through trading. I am not an expert trader but a smart trader who uses trade signals provided by Caleb Easterby. I have increased my portfolio from 2 btc to 10 btc while using Caleb’s signals. His signals are efficient, accurate and gives you consistent winnings. He can be reached on WhatsApp +31 635250332 or Telegram @Easterby for more enlightening on cryptocurrency trading.

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  3. hi Lan, good job keep it up.any review on AChain Network? I think it is going to be a Neo killer and it still under volume. Can you get in touch with them and let see how far it will go. Thanks.

  4. I like the way media bends the news…he said he invested 90k and made 4m and the news reader repeated it as 4m from $200…this is why I have got trust issues with media

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  7. As always great work from Mr. Belina a great face for the industry. Nice to see you appearing on Australian TV seeing as they are very much embracing the cryptocurrency technology and ethos. Melbourne will host the first Cryptocurrency themed airport soon including shops which you can use Dash, Ether etc to buy goods. These steps are great and all but in reality the privacy coins will be the ones that stand out in the next year even with mainstream adoption of larger more well known coins. In purely investment terms i am looking at privacy coins only for the next year with regulations etc. my top picks are Cloak Coin, Monero and DeepOnion but of course there are so many more to look out for. Be like Ian and become a millionaire from $200 investment guys!

  8. Everybody is talking about Bitcoin, but the real deal is in the altcoin part.
    As far as I concerned, I think it's the best time to buy some anonymous and underated coins.
    There are plenty of them, like Spectre or DeepOnion, UTrust… I genuinely think it's the future 🙂

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  10. get your money out of banks, bitcoin and cryptos are best for investing because it is inflation proof. you can't print more bitcoin that's why the price will always rise.

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