Ichimoku Cloud (Advanced)

This video highlights different ways to use the Ichimoku cloud, including ways of interpreting volatility and utilizing the lagging span. Get lifetime access to the …


  1. I understand that you are not prepared to spoon feed us as we have to do the work ourselves. I feel that a lot of what you say is pointing to the truth but is in the form of a code so it's quite difficult to decipher. Although you have told us what the indicators should be doing it is still like trying to find a needle in a haystack. i'm presently trying the ASH STRATEGY BY ALEKSANDROV which i recently came across while making some research on GOOGLE about strategies best suitable with the Ichimoku indicator

  2. Interesting that you use the 20, 60, 120 setting for your cryptocurrency trading. Me personally I find it misses at least 10% more of opportunity so I use the regular settings for forex and crypto. Overall awesome video man!!!!

  3. Ichimoku =(9,26,52) ☞ (13,35,140)
    Bolinger Band =(20/2) ☞ (50/1.5)=CCI (50) 100 , 0 , -100
    stochastic (14,3,3) = 50%
    RSI(14)= 50%
    DMI(14) = 20% , 30% , 60%

  4. This video is pure gold, I have been using and finding very helpfull MASS INDEX indicator, I do not know if it is on your kit tools. If It is I would really love hearing your explanation and point of view. Thanks again Boss keep it up.

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