Ichimoku Day Trading Strategy | Cloud Trading Explained (For Beginners)

Ichimoku cloud indicator mt4 offers traders the opportunity to cloud trade. The most successful stock and forex traders are the ones who have developed an edge …


  1. you made a mistake on strong sell signal when conversion line(9) below the baseline(26) and under Kumo could is a strong sell signal! others were perfect and Thank you

  2. You do binary trading as well or just forex? By the way best video I came across on using ichimuko cloud strategy very understandable. Keep up the good work bro 👍

  3. you cant handle Coversion line and base line as moving average and take trades based on the crossing even it is under a kumo (sell) or above (buy) you need to check the length, thickness and angle of the kumo. in other word you need to check Senko Span B and A.

  4. This video is great! I’m a really smart kid and can just now get into stocks after researching for a few months and turning 18 now. My only question is , where can I find charts like this for any and every stock?

  5. Thank you for this video, very interesting information. just one thing, you are mixing between the name of the lines (conversion and base line).

  6. People are making a huge deal off of a simple mistake. If people aren't competent enough to decipher a simple error they probably shouldn't be trading on an exchange market. Either way excellent video you've earned a subscriber.

  7. Thanks for explaining these indicators. I know that indicators are not always right, but just, per definition, indicators.

    In your examples, at 07:22 you demonstrate a strong sell signal, which is actually followed by a ~10 day upward trend. Also the exapmple at 7:46 doesn't really fit. Further, the lagging span doesn't seem very helpful, at least with the example mentioned around 3:27… The prices are not lower than previously, but actually higher, although the legging span is below the candle sticks. Also I'm not sure how the 'trading range' that you mention afterwards would be helpful – do you mean that there is a large volume being traded at this point, and if so, how should I use that to my advantage?

    The other examples were pretty clear though. 🙂

  8. With due respect,
    At around 5:52, blue line did not cross from above to below
    Rather it cross red line below to above (down to up = /).
    However in the same chart after some time there is strong sell signal (blue line crosses red line from above) and u could have showed that an example. Please check.
    Ichiko was explained better with your video. Wishing you could bring more up in the future.

  9. I noticed that when you change the time interval of a graph your looking it with the ichimoku indicator, say from 5 min to 30min, everything changes. The cloud sometimes is above the the market price in the 5min interval view of the graph, compared to the 30min interval where the cloud is then below. Does anyone know why? Or which interval will show the most accurate?

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  11. Thank you for this video ! First time that I'm watching a video on Ichi, thought that ichi was a hardcore indicator but well explained it seems a good indicator ! I will maybe try to use setups on my daytrading like M15 or M5 with backtest for sure
    Thank you 😉

  12. How do you enter a trade using the lagging span as a filter when the lagging span is delayed by 26 days from the current price base on the standard setting?

  13. Everything explained to the point in short and what is relevant to understand the system.Others are covering some area & leaving others for assumption that we know them. Keep your efforts in creating simple 7 short viedos.

  14. So confused at around 5:35 and 5:45. I don't see the baseline cross above but rather beneath. Or the conversion line crosses above. But the baseline is not crossing above ?? Or what am I missing here

  15. I have comment…. it seems that you did a mistake at 4:42, you said "when the fast-moving base line crosses the slower-moving conversion line" which is not true because the conversion line is considered as a fast-moving line as I understood from your explanation at the initial of the video… would you please confirm my comment?. thank you.

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