Identify a Solid Cryptocurrency Investment Project = Dragonchain Coin

With a lot of riff raff out there in some of these blockchain projects building a cryptocurrency it is important to point out that, as an investor you should invest the …


  1. come on guys lets get more likes on these videos. Jeff and the team is dropping quality content. Give him a like, or a dislike, let them know how you feel about the video

  2. What does it mean when a popular bargain blogger, with 741,079 likes on her Facebook page, starts shilling Dragonchain?
    I received a text message from her with a direct link. Oo

  3. This is probably the least informative channel I have ever seen. How do you have 157k subscribers? Rather than reading their Whitepaper and Twitter word for word try explaining what they are trying to achieve. If I wanted to read their Whitepaper I would.

  4. Although this is a solid video, I wouldn't even bother making these kinds of videos. Most of your community are blind sheep and just want you to tell them in what to invest. They won't do their own research and just follow the trend.
    Nonetheless I hope some of them start to open their eyes and use their brain.

  5. According to this channel all coins have high potential. It's ridiculous, you push coin after coin. Instead of producing quality content you focus on smashing out videos that you try to wing!

  6. Dragonchain does not run on the Ethereum Network. Their token is just ERC20 compliant. They have their own blockchain. They made their token ERC-20 compliant for 2 reasons: 1) “for ease of adoption from wallets to exchanges to blockchain etc because our blockchain can actually read any token so why not?” 2) they leverage the hash power of both the Ethereum and Bitcoin networks as part of their enterprise solutions– >basically they are making certain transaction types within dragonchain unhackable because of the exhorbitant expense it would take to try(You would have to hack both the Ethereum, and the bitcoin, and the dragonchain networks.) This would be so expensive it would not even be worth attempting. Dragonchain has also made it where you dont have to run every transaction through this triple layer verification. This way you can leverage public blockchains for use cases where it is appropriate, but you can keep the data you want kept private secure.

    This type of solution will be incredibly valuable to enterprise companies(ie huge companies) especially relative to inventory management (big companies lose millions through mishandling every year) .

    There is a number of other use cases:
    Identity systems, including privacy, security, and confidentiality factors
    Rights expression and licensing
    Digital media entitlements
    User focused Digital Rights Management
    Decentralized processing, computing, and storage infrastructure
    Voting systems
    E-discovery capable record keeping systems
    Legal – smart contract to encoding legal agreements between parties
    Audit – reporting and compliance )
    Entitlements tracking
    Intellectual Property (IP) marketplace
    Internal/private prediction market (corporate or organization communications improvement)
    There is a lot more…

    It is a platform that can be easily adopted by big companies. Look at the companies their advisors and team come from. Wouldnt be surpised if this happens sooner than we expect.

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  8. $ 400 give or take bankroll I’m starting with. Im new to this like so many others but Im looking to see if I am at all close to what I should be investing into. I need advice from anyone as to my distribution or coins of choice. These 17 coins keep coming up as buys. Let me know guys. Id like to put in more but no more until I know what I’m doing. This is money I can lose but looking for Long term investing. Any advice would help since so many of you are also purchasing these coins. Thank you. Id like to hear your opinions.

    TRX – TRON ( $17 )
    XVG – VERGE ( $21 )
    POE – PO.ET ( $20 )
    LEND – EthLend ( $20 )
    FUN – FunFair ( $10 )
    XLM – Stellar ( $25 )
    AST – AirSwap. ( $40 )
    ADA – Cardano ( $20 )
    OST – Simple Token ( $18 )
    VIBE – VIBE ( $18 )
    IOTA – MIOTO ( $40 )
    SUB – Substratum ( $20 )
    BRD – Bread ( $15 )
    WABI – WaBi ( $20 )
    SALT – Salt ( 1 salt coin – $11.30 )
    EOS – EOS. ( 1 Eos coin – $14.40 )
    BTC – BitCoin ( $82 )

  9. Guys, I have been in this group for a while now and most of you know that I'm not promote anything! But Most likely DRGN will be listed on altcoin. Register your self on time before they also got a Stop on new members.. Feel free to use my referral or go to the exchange your self!

  10. DRGN also has 1200 incubators, most in any platform. It has large projects coming in 2018. They are setting themselves up for big things. Watch and see.

  11. Cryptocurrencys are not currencies at all this is just very VERY VERY elaborate croudfunding of projects that i hope can someday provide a usefull service that consumers will pay money for. Bitcoin is already another fiat. The only crypto that will survive is the one that if everybody who owns some were to sell at the same time everybody would get the value of there coins back at current maket value. Unfortunately none of these current coins offer this type of assurance. To many lambos have been bought from bitcoin to offer this assurance unless the lambo dealer put the money back into bitcoin value for value or dollar for dollar. At the end there can be only one (Highlander). Everybody else left will be holding the bag. BITCOIN was an awesome idea untill people found out it was a get rich quick scheme. Sombody please explain to me why im wrong. Because if your wrong about something your always the last person to know.

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