Identity theft: How criminals use a low-interest credit card scam to steal from you (Marketplace)

It starts with what sounds like a promising phone call: For a one-time fee, you can lower the interest rate on your credit card. But the person on the other end of …


  1. you are doing a really good job but I suggest you try concealing your identities while making such a program because you are probably stepping on many dangerous legs

  2. Your generosity has given me new hope at Ericashton on telegram, I made withdraw to the last balance from the card gotten from you without no trace, thanks buddy

  3. Moral: Never accept those types of transactions via a phone call. never ever! Just have fun with these criminals and in the ends just say: I'm going to my bank and get all the information regarding this deal. hahaha

  4. I hard about the good work of darkmoneybags on telegram and I give in a try, he really surprise me with some legit PayPal transfer with just a lil btc

  5. Shocking! I guess it’s a good thing that I do not have credit cards. I get calls about my computer being broken and it’s Microsoft calling? Emails about purchases made thru my apple account, do not have an apple account, sent info to phishing@apple. CRA police were on their way. Even someone from Africa asking for my banking info,”REALLY”?
    I hang up immediately. I never open those emails. And I called CRA directly. If they contact me, no info given. If I need info, I will call the companies directly. Remember, if it’s too good to be true, it probably is.

  6. DEMAND the federal and provincial govts implement credit freezes, just as in the US. IT'S INSANE that we can not get credit freezes and instead must pay over $500 EACH to BOTH Equifax and Transunion, so well over $1000 a year to get the piss poor service they offer. Americans get credit freezes FOR FREE, and THEY DO WORK WHILE EQUIFAX AND TRANSUNION DO NOT.

  7. That's the reason why I don't use credit cards,I'm using cash instead saves from imteres t rates, and not to be tempted to use credit card

  8. A fraudster who got into debt did a credit freeze on his own details after pretending to have his identity stolen. He then forged tax self-assessments to make it look like his non-existent business was earning him millions. When he applied for lots of loans and credit cards they couldn't access his file and so went on his tax returns giving him huge lines of credit. He then maxed everything out and fled the country.

  9. Buying things from dark Is the best thing that ever happened to me when I met craftdeals on telegram he's real I bought cc and dumps from him

  10. India is number one in online credit card fraud and scammers from India are scamming Americans by telling them Guising as US and Canadian tax agencies and rob people threatening to sue or pay money which is lower than sue amounts. Remember US and Canadian tax agencies never call people and threaten to sue and ask for money over the phone. They always use mail with official envelopes. Ignore all phone solicitor

  11. Canada is dragging their feet on credit freezing legislation because that would limit banks and other credit providers from doing soft-pulls and offering credit products without the need for applications. They see it as a block toward 'fishing for potential credit customers' thus loosing money.

  12. I get alerts everytime an inquiry of my credit is made, everytime I open a new line of credit, whenever my score increases or decreases, etc. I get all this for free, from credit karma and credit sessme.

  13. idian pakistan this 2 countries everywhere you go they scam you not discriminating them but thats how they are…its better to be sf than sorry..when it comes to money you need to be smart

  14. That discussion with the minister felt weird. Essentially here's how it went:

    – Why don't we have credit freeze yet?
    – Well, we want to have it.
    – Then why don't we have it?
    – I definitely would want it.
    – But WHY don't we have it?…

    Doesn't the minister know what the question "why" means?

    I don't use credit cards, only debit cards, and I never add them to my main account but only to one specific account with minimal amount of money to spend in a month or so.

    Of course, that doesn't protect against identity theft but at least I have nothing to do with credits.

    I find it amusing to hear how many times they say "Canadians". My nation is considered very nationalist, but even we very rarely use our nation name when talking about our citizens. We just say "people", not paying much attention if we are talking about our country or the entire world.

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