If You Think Bitcoin's Crash Was Bad, Watch the Stock Markets

If you think bitcoin’s crash was bad, it may not compare to what we could see in some of the key stock markets – such as the Russell 2000 (small cap stocks).


  1. Can u put a bullish video please? Bc whatever you say next day opposite happens! So maybe if u put a video how we going to 3050 we then get a sell off

  2. Ciao Alessio. I been following you since long Time know. I am learning and profit with you every day, keep the hard work Congratulations. I have 2 questions for you.
    1) Sei italiano ?
    2) i am considering leave my 9-5 job and join your trading platform full time.
    Any suggestions here? Can you make a video about who wants to quit their job and move to trade crypto?

    Thanks so much for your time.

  3. Everytime u put out these videos like a next day market turns around. This is the jinx video for the sell off. When ristani speaks close your shorts. Go Long !!!

  4. Stupid fooling talk! You must have stuck plenty, right? Keep your stupidity to yourself and don't drag others to die with you. Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies are dying. No smart men would touch the stupid gambling sht unless the remaining stuck idiots keep feeding the manipulating whales with their hard earned weekly wages until they finally realize and kill themselves.

  5. Well, you are wrong again about crypto. We are going to 9400 btc till the end of Oct and to 19k in Dec. Then alt season and mass Feb crash. This is my fundamental and TA analysis. The billionaire whales will use their printed tether to push the prices again. This is not the stock market, my man.

  6. Looking at a market cycle to convince people to sell their bitcoin. Pathetic.
    Transport is seasonal. Its not a good example to use for this. The concept is still sound though.

  7. Great Alessio! Always to the target! Just a question… Sorry, I do not understand what is the price you speak… 1360 is not btc price… Right? So what is price for break? Please could you help me to understand?

  8. The pebble on a pond analogy is good, but the highs on this chart do not simulate the bounces of diminishing inertia (a descending triangle), rather, they simply are pulled back up to test the highs. Yes, the base could break, but I think your 75-80% probability quote is a bit dramatic. It's a little early to tell, but this might just be another boring equilateral triangle.

  9. Hi Alessio, thanks for the great tip. Would like to find out, would the opposite also play out? if resistance levels were to hit 4 or 5 times, would there be a break above? Thanks.

  10. Alessio, how do you short the Russell 2000? Using an inverse ETF? If so, do you hold your positions for longer than a day? I understand the risks of holding inverse ETFs for longer than a day are relatively high due to the nature of the underlying assets. Thanks for any advice you can share about the best way to short the Russell 2000, the S&P 500, etc.

  11. If BTC comes to test the 7650-7750 range again (and it looks like it is heading there), it will be the fourth time and we are going lower. I even hope for a long squeeze of the 7200-7500 buyers and sub 7K prices.

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