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  1. Hey Greg – You probably already know this – But seems that CME stepping down from fronting the silver price fix. LBMA – Do you think this is significant that even these guys are getting out? Maybe 2018 is the year for Gold and sliver ? Been along wait.

  2. I’ve been in #Bitcoin for a while now and can’t tell who’s right & who’s wrong anymore. I suppose we’re all wrong because we’re all pointing fingers at one other, as opposed to uniting together. Instead worrying on missing out on bitcoin you can actually trade BTC against the USD, I do that and I make about $1800 everyday with Rob Beyer strategy at {rbfx @ beyertrades .com}

  3. CME – Bitcoin Futures Settlements have bitcoin at 13745 – Is that correct? So Bitcoin will be 13,745 according to the futures. Lets see – The more money they print, all the more of it will end up in the crypto market. Exactly one year ago market Cap cryptos 17billion. today 563billion – That is a 3,300% gain. For 2018 if same thing happens then Cryptos market cap will be 18Trillion by year end. Cryptos will eat the World.

  4. Hey Greg …check this out..want to make 4 times your money
    In a week get some rdd coin it has a nice pull back. Also doge coin is ready to pop. Just look what xvg (verge) coin did in a week.
    From 00000045 to over .00001200 satoshis which is a penny to 12 cents. Check the day chart on these coins at bittrex.com make your self a small fortune. And then don't forget to give to the charity of your choice and support Greg's animal cause. Happy Trading!!!!

  5. China just got caught trading oil with North Korea in Yuan (allegedly). It's an interesting time Greg, have a good New Years. Debt is always an asset (until it's not).

  6. I do not understand looking at 30y 10y and 2y T bonds….all look like a funeral dead ..not propped up…trump better issue the gold backed dollar yesterday…..it's oxygen and ready to die….

  7. You are the most respectable trader I've ever seen Greg. I've been following your work for a couple of years and I seriously believe that you see what many others do not and you offer much more than others.

    I parked my house deposit in metals until I'm ready to buy in a couple of years. I feel like I should start being more proactive about all this. Maybe I should take half and attempt to make a more active profit on it.

    Merry Xmas, mate. Happy holidays. Please keep us up to date. When you have a spare moment.

  8. The "fixers" of Wall Street have one more trading session to reach their goal of the Dow going to 25,000 before the end of the year. They have to raise it 162.49 points in one session. Tall order. If the Fed backs them up by buying up the bond market, you never know.

  9. Gregory, I missed your reporting but I was hoping we wouldn't hear from you until Tuesday and you would come on, and tell us about what a good time you had for new years.
    If people don't want to listen to you it's not your fault. See you tomorrow, Gregory.

  10. Why are you long NFLX? what is that you are seeing? Looks like the bond market will be bid up tomorrow,,.no?
    Thanks- I am in mostly cash waiting for Bitcoin Cash to come around $2000 again and then I am grabbing with two hands.

  11. I'm sorry but 'They' who've stolen America's money (the worlds) are now not getting their dreamed of NWO so 'they' are being forced to give the money back by buying bonds. Good news folks. Get in and follow Gregory to get your share of the returning wealth. I don't think they are going to crash the system at all. They would lose a whole lot more if they did that. This stock market is going to Mars not just the moon. Thank me later. The crypto thing is going to moon but do hedge on that one. Try and do due diligence. It looks like etherium for smart transactions and ripple for ordinary folks to spend and HODL. We could be seeing an end to banknotes here. Everyone's got swipes/taps now.

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