Impeach Trump With Crypto, Ethereum Fork, McAfee 2020 | Hodler's Digest

Ethereum Constantinople hard fork has been postponed due to vulnerabilities. The first crypto hack of 2019 – Cryptopia exchange is down. Roberto Escobar …


  1. 15:50 Girl. nothing is comfirmed in 2018/2019. Nobody knows what the truth is any more. It is easy to fake country x do a hack and blame them. We will never know the truth behind hacks. Those behind is the people the government want to be behind it in other words.

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  3. It’s another SCAM!!

    El portal estadounidense de noticias y chismes TMZ aseguró en una publicación que el hermano de Pablo Escobar, Roberto Escobar, pretende sacar a Donald Trump de la Casa Blanca, para lo que estaría recaudando 50 millones de dólares en donaciones. Sin embargo, Escobar le confirmó a SEMANA que la información es totalmente falsa y que ya prepara una demanda ante la Fiscalía General de la Nación para que investigue dichas afirmaciones: "Enviaremos una copia de ese documento al presidente Trump".

    The US news and gossip portal TMZ said in a publication that Pablo Escobar's brother, Roberto Escobar, intends to remove Donald Trump from the White House, for which he would be raising $ 50 million in donations. However, Escobar confirmed to SEMANA that the information is completely false and that he is already preparing a complaint before the Attorney General's Office to investigate these claims: "We will send a copy of that document to President Trump.

  4. Know your audience. We are all pretty much libertarians, or close to it. Having a one-sided view on a political topic is marketing suicide. For example, someone can think that Trump is not the best dude for office, but any rational person (which I would say are most people here) would agree that a foreign group trying to impeach our president is a much larger threat. Cheers.

  5. -1 Sub now… horrible to see a democratic chosen leader getting bullied all the time, the left screwed up big time and now they are a bunch of demonics. We don't need this in our "decentralised" and "uncensored" space Cointelegraph!

  6. I read that crypto is alt right and never believed it, but reading all these pro trump comments makes me sick. It seems true. Just so you know, in Europe we view him as a clown.

  7. America simply can not be a refuge for the whole world. People need to stay in their own countries and create their own 1776! I am a huge fan of Brazil's new president, Jair Bolsonaro. Other Latin American counties need to follow his lead! It is as simple as that!

  8. This whole impeach Trump thing is getting old. I by no means think Trump is the best president, but he's not worse than Obama, Bush, or Clinton as far as the presidency is concerned.
    – Do you remember, "If you like you're healthcare provider you can keep it". Then proceeded to deny that And jack up your healthcare bill by more than half, with Less coverage.
    – Or They have weapons of mass destruction, we Need to go to war.
    – Or we'll bring our soldiers back, Then proceeded to go to war in another region.
    – Didn't hear all this impeach them speech then. But you'll shout it for Trump because he's trying to keep our borders safe?

  9. i'm not so sure about all the altcoins whose creators brand them with their heads on the icons. wondering that's why they don't have so much hashrate than bitcoin

  10. How can Cointelegraph give voice to 2 gold chain wearing guys (both aren't latinos by their name) raising Escobar Inc.? High chances of being a SCAM!!!

  11. if all these nations decide to use bitcoin to circumvent sanctions than western countries will be forced to ban bitcoin….not sure why people are excited about this.

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