1. I've watched so many videos on IV and none of them make sense… I was actually able to wrap my head around this. Thanks for giving some practical examples of how to interpret it as well.

  2. This video far exceeded my expectations, I was expecting just the implied volatility calculations and how to use it to your advantage, but we ended up getting more simple calculations that can put you ahead of others.

  3. Hello Chris
    Very good video. I’ve a question: If I want to calculate at 2 std deviation (so that I can factor in 95% of population) what would be the formula?
    Simply replace SD with SD squared? Thank you

  4. but in this current environment the numbers are crazy so does this still hold?ie, i was calculating uber 28,00 with an iv of 70 and it comes out to 1966-1994 stock price range in a 12 month period?is that right?

  5. This is brilliant! I don't generally comment on videos but this is exactly what I was looking for!
    Other videos did explain the concept but didn't explain how it can be used practically! Thank you!

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