Individuals, Corporates To Be Fined For Using Cryptocurrencies: Draft Law

Indian companies and individuals are unlikely to be allowed to pull a Tesla and stash excess cash in cryptocurrencies that have been on an eye-popping surge …


  1. I'm sorry to see this NDTV coverage. Both the anchor and the correspondent have no clue regarding digital assets and are the message to audiences is unclear. please read up digital asserts and law that the government wants to enact and could do another programme.

  2. no need to worry and hold them even they ban because its price will increase as anytime we can sell to people in other countries where bitcoin is legal and they can wire or bank transfer as a gift money

  3. India following China’s government footsteps and India portrays China as dictatorship. Pathetic. Modi is destroying India progress in digital world. It will set us decades behind every other country and we are already decades behind in many sectors.

  4. Companies won't bother investing 10 cents here. Would rather go to vietnam, thailand, cambodia, etc. Twe love to bark about nationalism, but don't have the brains nor capital left to build our own tech giants. All the brains are migrating out of this shithole.

  5. Please Hodl your bitcoins even if you just have a fraction. Store it in a personal wallet and don't liquidate it. Bitcoin is the future and source of wealth for your children and grandchildren. Indian rupee will crash due to inflation caused by QE and more than half of India's population will live in utter poverty. Bitcoin is digital gold and it will eventually crash the gold market as well. US and China will own most of the bitcoins and they will start controlling governments and people around the world. For your own future and that of your children, don't sell your bitcoins.

  6. Good one. I think for most companies, the volatility of BitC0in is a deterrent to getting on board in a s!gnificant way. Most compan!es manage their liquid asset very carefully. I know of some that will buy insurance to protect against currency variations. So, to get any part of their cash into ฿₮₵ might be too risky for them. The technology is great. And as it stabilizes, I think more will get on board. But for now, few will be in a position to appreciate those huge swings.. I would say ƚradıภg has been going smoothly for me after accumulating over 8฿₮₵ in just few weeks, with the ƚradıภg stra:tegy provided by expert Graeme who runs someprograms for whoever lacks understanding on how ƚradıภg BitC0in works, to help them utilise the volatility of the crypt0 mar:ket and also stack up more bitcoin. His methods are top notch and pɾ0fi†abIe. Graeme is onԵҽlҽցɾαต {graemejohn} ահαԵsαթթ⁺ 1 5 1 0 4 2 6 6 3 1 8 to start ƚradıภg

  7. this news is Wrong from minute 1 he starts by saying govt. has Made the decision!!! where is the decision??? what is private cryptocurrency if it's on the public blockchain, when has the state create a digital currency LoL?? firstly 7 million investors should file PIL against NDTV. millions have given legitimate KYC Tax and charges….to the government and service provider so ur in with us LoL

  8. instead of helping young people invested by trying to show something positive about the space u chose to create FUD the youth will not forget NDTV or all u FUD creator's…PRANOY ROY will not Live for Long but Bitcoin will

  9. मेरा कोठी बनाने का सपना खत्म हो गया। और tesla गाड़ी लेने का भी सपना चकनाचूर हो गया।

  10. कितने बेरोजगार रोजगार का साधन ढूढ़ते ढूढ़ते उम्र खपादी थोड़ा उधार लेकर शेयर बाजार में ट्रेडिंग सिककर पेट पालने लगे थे अब वो भी छीनने की तयारी चल रही है लेकिन सरकार इसे बैन नहीं कर सकती करोड़ों रूपया का GST मिल रहा है। ….

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