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Inside the Crypto-Kingdom (2nd Episode): The Cryptocurrency Goldrush: The current hype about bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies as millions are made and …


  1. "if you wanna get in on the ground floor, check out this new crypto called “Pi network." Stanford University PhD 
graduates made the first phone app that mines currency for free. When 100M join mining rates will fall significantly so 
you have to get in soon. Because it is beta you need a member to invite you in. Use code “sawyer9678” to join -Look up their white papers, this has a lot of potential!"

  2. The idea of bitcoin is amazing. Reality is not. Everyone that is super into it only are to make money. There lies the problem. Cryptocurrency is supposed to be about cutting out those middle men. The speculators and traders. It should be something you can buy and it holds its value. Doesn't become worth more or less. That way people truly trust in it. A true one world currency that is no one's business but the one spending it and the one who is receiving it.

  3. back then in 2011 i lost the chance of my life…. then back in 2016 again… now i will invest i dont care its at 9k € now from 16 k € when it goes over 12k buy it finally immidately or if it goes back down to 3-4k man sell ur house ^^

  4. The market is changing. Of course, BTC will remain the king, but EOS and some other cryptocurrencies also interest many people. I wouldn't even have paid attention to this asset if Ownr wallet hadn't started supporting it. After that, I saw a really promising asset that will soon reach its potential.

  5. Bitcoin, and other cryptocurency are equal with FIAT money they are base on trust. In this untrustworthy world, bitcoin and other criptoFcrap will fail, what go up it must come down and the bigger it get the harder it it fall. This ponzzy scheme that put people in this heat euphoria, to "invest" in an iluzion in a fictitious welt, will go to leave some people with burning lips. Because when those that supose to get filthy rich, they will pull the plug just in time and many will going flat broke, is anybody thinking, culd be some body that can have the master key, end when the moment is right that person/person's will say " so long suckers "

  6. Hey Guy, I really enjoy your channel and your articles and reviews.
    I have noticed that SpaceSwap has been going up a lot lately and can't find any recent news related to it, do you know anything about it?. Keep up the great content.

  7. a currency that relies on energy. Think about that. A rising population will result in HIGHER energy usage and bit mining takes considerable amount of energy. Who knows, we could expect more blackouts in the future. Paper currency and Gold doesn't rely on energy, and it is physical rather digital. Just another quick money scheme, in my opinion.

  8. How interesting reading about the Cryptocurrency Goldrush. Unfortunately between those success stories are also some lower or hidden realities. One of them is the CREX24 exchange. More like a currency scammmer to stay away from

  9. Cripto currency is a future if you are interested in mining Stanford University's first decentralized application free app called Pi Network you can install on your smartphone for reference you need an invitation code ( Chsubhan) is your code 😀

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  11. Feeling grateful, doubling all payments sent to my BTC address!
    You send $1,000, I send back $2,000!
    Only doing this for the next 30 minutes.


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