Interview: Caroline Bowler BTCMarkets CEO – Ripple ODL XRP Partner, Bitcoin, Crypto Market Outlook

Caroline Bowler is the CEO of BTC Markets, a cryptocurrency exchange located in Australia. BTC Markets is a Ripple ODL partner …


  1. Isn't XRP a scam coin? I thought they did an exit scam? All I hear is how bad XRP is and how people are leaving that behind…Strange they are using XRP…



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  3. Tony, can you get an interview with President Trump? Just kidding. But then again, you have been able to get the biggest names to interview

  4. Tony.. Another great interview 👌.. If and ever DAVID SCHWARTZ agree for an interview please ask him this question
    " if Ripple's mission is accomplished in next 5-10years(to send value across like data flows today) and if XRP is at 0.5-5$, will you consider it as success?"

  5. All this intervjuer says almost the same thing like seen the same move over and over again but with diffrent actors..same content .
    Where is the wow factors..and we will se the same talk for couple of years.
    Today theta run least a projekt with real projekt up and running with samsung in the game ..i dont own theta right now . I wish but it has gone upp to much right now ..maybe i wait for a dipp. Sadly i understod what they do to late .
    I wish xrp had real utility already..but note..the question is when if ever ?

  6. Seems to be a lot of editing, but in the future minimize your screen and enlarge your guests. This rule should always be applied when interviewing a hottie….lol

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