Introduction to Gekko UI (free bitcoin trading bot)

This video gives a basic introduction into algorithmic trading and shows how to import data and backtest using the open source (and free) bot Gekko. Download it here:


  1. Hay mike. I want to know how much time it takes to place an order when I start tradebot in real time. I set the trade bot as MACD the parameters are short=12, long=26, signal=9, [threshold] down=-0.025, up=0.025, presistence= 1, candle size=30 min, warmp=105. For the exchange binance. Actually I'm new in this track is forgive me if i asked any silly question.

  2. A true manager is someone who wants to see you through and someone who wants to see you achieve your dreams of life, Mr Williams has been so faithful to me by helping me with his strategy that's why i call him a true manager and a trade god

  3. can you please update it? For example I can buy/sell XRP (Ripple) for EUR on Kraken, but I cannot do that with your bot, so it seems outdated.

  4. Hey Mike,
    I am trying to start a new "live Gekko" using the latest develop version with UI, but there is no input to set any value for "type" field. Is it already implemented? I just cant start live Gekko using the UI, but it works fine in terminal. Thanks!

  5. I'm having a problem. After I download and install Gekko through command prompt, I try to run it with node gekko it has an error and says it cannot find a config file.

  6. Hey Mike. Gekko is the easiest open source bot to set up and use at the moment. Great work! I played with the configuration a bit, but the settings it comes with seem the best. After some backtesting, I sent $20 to kraken. It's been running a few hours with trade enabled, but hasn't made any trades. Will it not trade until I set profit simulator to false?

  7. It's my first time using gekko (without the ui) and it seems to be awesome! You did a great job.
    I am downloading Poloniex database to have some fun with backtests.
    When are you planning to release the version with –ui profile? I got an "unknown option `–ui'" when I tried.

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