Invest in Crypto (Basics of Cryptocurrency for Teens)

In this video I will explain the very basics of cryptocurrencies. Remember, the stock market and cryptocurrencies are only allowed for adults, so you must do it …


    The cryptocurrency is currently trading at around $31,000, having hit a new all-time high on Sunday of $34,000. This is up by more than 500 per cent since March, when it was trading below $5,000, but JPMorgan strategists predict it could rise a further 4.6 times to $146,000. Now is a better time to invest in Bitcoin @ Grandcybergiant is highly recommended for your safe and secure investment, Reach: (Grandcybergiant on telegram) cryptocurrency mining expert.

  2. Legendary investor Bill Miller told CNBC on Friday he sees bitcoin surging 100% in 2021 as more investors add the coin to their portfolios as a hedge against inflation. Miller explained that investors should consider holding 1-2% of their portfolios in bitcoin as opposed to cash, because cash will be a "guaranteed loser" and lose at least 2% in value each year with the current inflation rate. It's more a risk management strategy than anything else to have a little bit of money in bitcoin," the founder and chief investment officer of Miller Value Partners said. He added: One of the things that's interesting about Bitcoin is that it gets less risky the higher it goes, and that's the opposite of what happens with most stocks."S o his only advice to newbies and investors as the bull run to multiply their holdings and earn more bitcoin trading with Dr Gregory Walter strategies, an expert & prominent trader who’s helping investors and newbies accumulate more bitcoin through his amazing trading signals, with his program I was able to make *7btc with *I.5btc in 2 weeks with this same Dr Gregory's strategy. His signals were effective on my trades and his trading strategies are Easy to Trade with. reach him on Telegram: Gregorywaltertrade viaWhatsapp+1(201)205‑2579 for more info on how his trading program works

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