Investing $500 into Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency Update

7 months ago we invested $500 into Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies, today we check in and see how that investment went and look at some practical tips to help …


  1. Love your videos, Lark, look forward that we could have another EP for a new experiment. Also, love your tips during the video, which are awesome and useful for me.

  2. Digital lands? I’m in whatever it takes. Already invested a bit, just because of the very idea. What if it smashes! Will be back for more when the sale is on to get WL extras – link more info

  3. Have you heard of Electra (ECA)? Its ran by the nist5 algo and is super fast they plan on having masternodes q3 and seems like they have alot of room to grow.

  4. With the possibilities of reaching a trillion dollar market by the end of this year. I would like you to do a video on: Kin coin and its possibility to reach 5-10 cents by end of year.

  5. Listen to Lark. He's has been through the ups and downs. HODLing Nem through good times and bad. A battle hardened block chain warrior (not just some dude on the internet).

  6. Question. Didn't you stake your neo? You're missing out on that free gass you can claim. According to neogas calculator about 75$ to 120$ per year.

    Just put it your neo-wallet you can download from the official website and start claiming that free money.

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