1. This is quite needful but for beginners, we shouldn't settle for videos alone, we should Be prepared to contribute. Sure, there are already financial analysts and PhDs that have shelled out theories and ideas for years, but that doesn’t mean you can’t contribute.

  2. Here is what you need to know… this is one of the MOST IMPORTANT things that EVERYONE in BTC and rest of the shitcoins don't know, care about and keep ignoring:

    – USEFUL means there is something you can use it for (key word is USE)

    – USELESS means there is nothing you can use it for… no use case

    – VALUE comes from something being USEFUL, and things that are USELESS have NO VALUE

    – PONZI schemes have no use case, they are USELESS, which is why that scheme ALWAYS fails eventually once there are no more fools to fall for it

    – BTC has been CHANGED by Core/Blockstream from something that was USEFUL into something that is now USELESS
    , it no longer works as Bitcoin… BSV does
    – That alleged "Store of value" alone that BTC shills keep repeating, is pure propaganda as such thing does not exist, as when there is NO USE CASE for something, there is NO VALUE. BTC is a USELESS shitcoin now and nothing but a PONZI scheme, and it will collapse eventually and whoever is in it at the time, will lose all their money they put into it… and same goes for any other USELESS shitcoin.

    Now question is, do you get it?

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