Investment Platform Favored By Bitcoin Whales: Roobee! International Investing Made Easy

Learn More about Roobee and purchase tokens on website Project Description Roobee is an international investment platform that has …


  1. ⏰ Time Stamps ⏰

    00:08 Introduction: Investing Is Tough For Normal People

    01:15 Roobee Investments Is Changing The Game

    01:48 What Is Roobee?

    03:01 The Roobee Architecture: Roobee Network

    03:48 How The Ethereum Blockchain Works With Roobeechain

    04:19 RoobeeWallet & RoobeeID

    05:18 What Is RoobeeScore?

    05:48 RoobeeFin & RoobeeMarket

    07:00 RobeeLiquid & RoobeeTerminal

    07:48 Dan Kaizer Head of Blockchain and R&D & Testing Is In Full Swing

    08:20 Famous Bitcoin Whale Invested In Roobee

    08:39 The Roobee IEO on Bitforex

    09:45 Conclusion

    Roobee Website

    Roobee IEO on Bitforex Is Live (Click Below To Join)

    Roobee Telegram

    Roobee Twitter

  2. Years ago I thought it was all a joke until my first "stake" and now I'm a millionaire I've invested in bitcoins and it has yielded me great interest over the years. I invest with Mr Patrick of PatandCo. and he is certainly reliable

  3. Years ago I thought it was all a joke until my first "stake" and now I'm a millionaire I've invested in bitcoins and it has yielded me great interest over the years. I invest with Mr Patrick of PatandCo. and he is certainly reliable

  4. €6000 worth of profit in a month plus a real account to invest anyday, no delays!
    Such success story is what I live for! God bless BILAL BENJAMIN and kudos to the investors in this ROOM
    JOIN BILAL ON <<>>

  5. As always, Tyler, spot on infomercial! Roobee looks solid. You rock! Keep on keepin' on! Haters be damned. Just Cuz I ain't chimin' in don't mean I ain't watchin' and smashin' the thumb up! Yeah, slang. F'off anal trolls. I ain't smart, I'm brilliant as evidenced by my bags!

  6. He Chico

    Have you heard of Beaxy exchange? I invested in their ICO and love their community approach, focus on regulations and their features that can compete with traditional trading. They launch are planning to launch during the consensus week in NY.

    One of my favorite projects called NIX will also be listed on Beaxy.

  7. ⚠️WARNING! ⚠️ DO NOT USE ☠️ BITFOREX ☠️ – It is a Chinese SCAM Exchange and they lie and do everything under the sun to stop you withdrawing your funds!
    Chico please can you be more careful and not do paid reviews of scams! I'm not saying Roobee is a scam, I'm saying that exchange and any IEO's on it are 100% SCAMS!

  8. Chico I think you deserve more than they paid you. Great presentation.
    On the whole it seems just too busy. And they forgot to keep it simple. I Think Celsius (Cel token) would be more suitable for the everyman. Please can you take a look and let us know your opinion.
    Also Roobee has no lock up. Bit of a concern.

  9. I appreciate the disclosure dude. the more I watch your recent in depth vids, the more I forgive you for no longer doing beer reviews. Though when you did them, come to think about it, you usually said something like "This is GOOD beer"…

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