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    Upon Which
    WE Turn

    JonStewart & TrevorPotter On The Plot Of The ‘Irresistible’ Movie:

    JS: Could something like this happen?
    TP: Legally, this could absolutely happen.
    Somebody could create a political organization – a so-called ‘outside group’ – a SuperPac527, raise an unlimited amount of money, & then choose to give that money to another organization – a charity – & use it for public purposes.
    & you don’t need the donors’ consent to do that.
    The problem we have is that none of the pieces of the system are working today.
    You have regulators like the Federal Election Commission that don’t have a quorum, can’t meet, & when they do, they disagree on what the law is.
    You have Congress deadlocked so it can’t re-write the laws.
    You have the Supreme Court that thinks that almost nothing is corrupt, & that citizens won’t think the sale of access – what the Court calls ‘ingratiation in return for giving money to candidates’ – is a problem.
    JS: So, to sum-up, we currently have hundreds of millions to billions of dollars that is untraceable, that can pour into groups that are actually coordinating with candidates, who end-up having to spend a good amount of their time raising more and more money to keep-up with the arms race that is occurring, & the money continues to pour-in & corrupt, not just where they spend their time & how they spend their time, but on the types of legislation that they would even bring to the fore, & the one group that would be charged with regulating this spigot, doesn’t even meet because there aren’t enough of them.
    TP: Yes.
    (TP & JS both laugh together.)
    TP: I realize that’s not helpful to you . . .
    JS: It is very helpful. Thank you.

    LET, All Proceed.

  2. What a brilliant brilliant movie. I was not expecting the twist at all until the daughter met the mayor. This is an instant classic and a masterpiece of writing. Jon Stewart outdid himself. I can't praise this enough

  3. $20 to rent this? Are you effing kidding me? Hey, I'm sorry the virus has closed down your planned theater distribution, but you're not getting me to bail you out.

  4. Great movie pure genius just what I would expect from Jon Stewart. Loved the ending it really portrays the division not only between parties but between the people and those whom they vote for.

  5. I love Jon Stewart, and so wanted to like this, but unfortunately it missed the mark. With Jon's wit and intellect, I was expecting a super funny, yet enlightening movie that would leave viewers feeling not only entertained, but more educated and ready for action (a la The Daily Show), however this fell way short. The story dragged at times, and then left you wanting more when it picked up. Choppy editing & audio. I could see what was envisioned, but it just didn't get there. One of the most interesting parts came at the end of the credits, with former FEC chair, Trevor Potter explaining the baffling lack of oversight of campaign financing and Super PACs. Such an important thing to educate people on. Ugh, this could have been so good!

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