Is Bitcoin A Good Investment Right Now? – A 2020 Guide To Bitcoin & Cryptocurrencies

Is Bitcoin A Good Investment Right Now? | Coffee With Markus | Episode 77 Intro: 00:00 What’s Happening In The Market Today: 2:03 Is Bitcoin A Good …


  1. You missed some important points.
    Bitcoin has a halving of his mining rewards every 4 years.
    That halving did happen a couple of months ago.
    Bitcoin will hit all time high and of year if it follows it's history after a halving of the rewards.
    You look at it as an outsider/trader.

  2. Like any other investments, there is always risk associated with it. High risk yields high reward, low risk mean steady and safe. Bitcoin investment is speculative. If you do not have gut to play with it, don't do it.

  3. I have made a small investment in Bitcoin, Ethereum and Ripple and they are all up with a decent percentage profit so far. It was a gamble I fully realize and so I did not put too much into it. However I won't be surprised if they do keep on rising steadfastly and continuously though!

  4. Video Agenda:

    What's Happening In The Market Today: 2:03

    Is Bitcoin A Good Investment?: 9:23

    Deep Dive Q&A: 22:11

    Top Questions & Comments From Today:

    Chad W.: The difficulty factor of mining progressively increases; therefore, trading options against them has been profitable for me 🙂 27:09

    Malin Starr: All banks are crooks I hope this will take the banks out 28:08

    Donna Prentice: Do you take your profits automatically when prices makes a parabolic move? 40:09

    Chris Tomas: Kinda off subject. But what do you look for on a company's financial statement before buying their stock? 43:53

    Mary Ellen Reese: If Bitcoin is just code, why couldn't it be hacked? Anything man can build, some other man can unbuild! 46:24

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